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The months keep passing by so fast, I swear I was just doing the July Currently post and now here we are in August!  Here are some things currently happening in my world as we approach the final month of summer (though there is SO much summer left to enjoy – gotta stay positive).


Exploring – We haven’t done much in the form of exploring this summer, though we have tried one new to us disc golf course, we’ve checked out a couple of taprooms we haven’t tried before and most recently, we had lunch at a new to us restaurant called Pimento.  Pimento is a Jamaican restaurant serving authentic Jerk chicken recipes among other things.  Last weekend Nate and I were talking about how much we missed the jerk chicken lunches we would have in Jamaica, so we decided to check this place out.  It did not disappoint!  We had the “One Love Special” that included both chicken and pork.  We also shared a beef pastie that may rival one of the ones we had in Jamaica.  And the sweet fried plaintains…oh man. I’m glad I got a bite or two before Ollie went to town on them like Cookie Monster. And of course we had a Red Stripe beer because we had to fully relive our Jamaica trip!  If you’re local, check them out.

Creating – Honestly I feel like I’m kind of creating my own chaos.  The calendar for August is pretty jam packed and while it is all (mostly) fun things, I already feel like I’ll need to make sure I’m carving out some quiet time too.  I love me some fun, but I’m still an introvert at the core and I need my re-energizing!

Hearting – I know, I know, every time this comes up in the prompts I always say my kiddo, but seriously I heart him so much.  He’s been rather clingy and kind of mama’s boy this week, I have had to do the early shift at work which means I don’t see him right away in the morning and I think that’s been hard on him. We’ve been eating up our snuggle and playtime after work though. I won’t complain at all about how much he needs me right now!

Watching – We’re re-watching Parks and Recreation from the beginning.  Since I work in City Government I thought it would be fun.  And we just finished a very dark season of Orange is the New Black, so I needed something lighthearted. After we’ve recovered a bit from the OITNB binge, I think we’re going to start Stranger Things on Netflix, I have heard very good things about it!

Eating – ALL THE VEGGIES. CSA season is in full swing at our house and the boxes are getting fuller each week.  They have been kind of root vegetable heavy this year, but now we’re getting into tomatoes (and our own tomatoes are starting to pop as well) and I’m hoping for corn soon too. And I love, love, LOVE the egg share we have as well, fresh eggs are seriously the best.

There you have it!  Be sure to head over to In Residence or over to this month’s co-host Dana at Something Good to see other currently posts or to add your own.  I’m also super excited to announce that next month I will be co-hosting Currently with Anne! Join us on September 7th to share what you’re currently reading, trying, hoping, decorating and to-do listing!

7 thoughts on “Currently in August

  1. I love the idea of a fresh egg exchange. We have been eating veggies like crazy as well. It sounds like you have a fun August planned! Have a great day!

  2. That Jamaican restaurant sounds so good! The only jerk chicken I’ve had is some I’ve made myself (just from a recipe online) so I’m sure the real thing is SO much better! And I totally hear you on a chaotic August–we have something going on about every weekend…eek. This introvert may go crazy by the end of the month 🙂

  3. That’s my kind of “exploring” – how fun to find a yummy Jamaica place! I could go for some more of those pasties too 🙂

  4. But there’s probably something new and sweet to love and talk about each time that prompt comes up, right?! I secretly (or maybe not so secretly haha) love it just a little bit when Jacob gets into that clingy mood, but that’s because anymore pretty much the only time it happens is in the evening after we’ve separated while I’m at work all day! 😉

  5. keep hearting your boy!!! that’s so important. haters step back because he’s got a mom who loves him and that is going to change his world <3

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