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All Pints North 2016

Over the weekend we made our annual trek to Duluth for the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild All Pints North Beer festival. It’s really one of our favorite beer festivals for a number of reasons, but I think one of the things that makes us love it so much is that it’s a chance to get away.  And Duluth is seriously one of my favorite places in all of Minnesota, so I always love having a chance to visit!

We left Ollie with my in-laws nice and early so we could get on the road by 10:00 or so. It was really cloudy and muggy in the cities as we were leaving and apparently about a half hour after we left it started pouring down here.  They were threatening rain in Duluth too, but somehow we lucked out!

We stopped at Tobies in Hinckley on the way so we could have a little lunch before the festival.  Then we made our way to our hotel, the South Pier Inn.  It was really neat, it was actually on the East side of the Lift Bridge, I’d never stayed on that side before. The view was amazing.


We wandered around the pier a bit because we had arrived kind of early, but then we were able to drop our stuff in our room and finally head over for the main event!


It was cool and cloudy, but that didn’t ruin our fun, in fact, it actually kind of made it more enjoyable. I never felt too warm at any point. The beers were really good, all the breweries bring out their best stuff for these festivals.  My favorite was actually from a brewery in Anoka called 10K.  They had a Vanilla Cold Press Stout that was to die for.

While the beer was obviously delicious and fun to sample, I think the highlight of the day was meeting my favorite local DJ of all time, Brian Oake.  I have been listening to him on various stations since I was in high school and he has now settled on local station 89.3 The Current and The Current happened to be sponsoring the event this year so he was there.  We’re sitting at a table when my friend Gina says “hey, isn’t that Brian Oake over there?” And naturally when we figured out that indeed it was, we got fan girl crazy and went and fawned all over him and took a picture.  I was blubbering like an idiot but he was so cool, he’s like, hey, it’s cool, we’re all friends here.


Photo credit to Gina

The time passed by quickly as it always does.  We had to have a couple of Natedogs as usual, we had pretzel necklaces to nosh on as well and we had fun wandering around, drinking beer, playing games and listening to music.


After the festival was over, we decided we could still go for a little something to eat, so we headed over to Grandma’s Saloon.  We finished the evening back at the hotel room with our friends playing Cards Against Humanity.  Then Sunday we got up and had brunch (and terrible service), hit up our favorite fish market to bring some goodies home, then headed back to the cities to get our kiddo.

I took yesterday off as I usually do to spend some time with my munchkin and now it’s back to reality again.  It was another fun beer festival in the books though!  And we’re all very glad the rain stayed away!


3 thoughts on “All Pints North 2016

  1. We had such a great time up in Duluth with you guys again this year. I think this is for sure a yearly tradition for us! Glad you enjoyed your day off yesterday!

  2. Sounds like such a blast! I’ve only been to one brew-fest and loved it, so after this baby comes I may have to try to do another one!! I’m glad you got the benefits of the clouds but none of the rain, woohoo for good weather!

  3. I remember the 10k being a hit at the winter beer dabbler, the vanilla cold brew sounds amazing!!! last year I almost went to the festival on a whim, this year I needed the quiet time in st. paul, so next year I really really need to go.

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