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What I Wore Wednesday

Time for another What I Wore Wednesday because I might be lacking better ideas for a post today.  And I have cute clothes.  And maybe you don’t follow me on Instagram so you don’t see my daily outfit posts. Or maybe you do and you’re sitting there going, outfits again?  Gosh this girl is vain!  But it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to, so here are some of my latest favorite looks. And you guessed it, there is a lot of Lularoe.


Tank top – Target, Blazer – American Eagle (thrifted), Maxi skirt – Lularoe, Necklace – Origami Owl

I’m re-discovering a love of maxi skirts, especially on days I’m feeling extra lazy and don’t want to shave. I snatched up this maxi skirt from a Facebook Live sale my friend Cyndy did and it might be my new favorite (yeah I say that a lot).  So comfy and I think it will actually go with a lot of things.  And I think I can wear it into the fall. So, win.


Tank top – Target, Vest – Kohls, Skirt – Lularoe, Sandals – Style Encore

It’s funny.  I obviously buy a lot of Lularoe.  The rest of my clothes pretty much come from Target or the thrift store or maybe a Stitch Fix every now and then.  So I haven’t really shopped true retail aside from Target in a long time.  I had been looking for a denim vest to replace a vintage one I got rid of and I just wasn’t having any luck.  I found myself in a Kohls looking for a wedding shower gift back in May and I found this Sonoma brand vest and it was exactly what I was looking for.  And I was surprised by how much other stuff I could have bought myself there. It’s a good reminder to think out of the box I guess!


Shirt – From cousin, Skirt – Lularoe, Sandals – from mom (I think DSW)

This is one of those outfits that was so simple to put together and I felt was even a little boring – but I got a ton of compliments on it and looking at it, it is pretty flattering on me.  I’m the color freak, so it’s weird and even a little difficult for me to go with a basic black and white outfit, but this one really worked well. I could add a pop of color next time with a pair of red shoes or a red necklace or something, it could be kind of fun.


Sweater – Target, Shirt – Lularoe, Jeans – Target, Sandals – Target, Necklace – JK by Thirty-One

This last one is a recent casual Friday look.  It was before the heatwave and even a little cool in the morning that day so the sweater was a nice addition. There is something about blue and mustard together that I like. Maybe it reminds me of my school colors a little bit or something, they were blue and gold, so I guess I like to channel a little Hylander Pride? Roll on, roll on victory, we are fighting hard…yep, I know my fight song too.  I’ll stop the nostalgia train now.  At any rate, I just really liked this combination, it was very comfy for a Friday at work.

So there you go, some recent favorite looks.  This week has been all about skirts and tank tops because the heat index is going to be up in the 100s starting today. It’s a good thing I have a bunch of skirts to choose from I guess!

7 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Love all of the looks! I only have 3 LuLaRoe pieces, but I’m hoping to change that soon! I would love to get some skirts.

  2. Nice outfits. The third one appeals to me a lot. You look great in it. BTW, your hair is terrific.

    I can’t see Instagram because I don’t have a smartphone and you can’t access it from the web.

  3. I always love seeing your “what I wore” posts even though I do follow on IG. So keep ’em coming 🙂 Love all these looks and you are SO SO making me want to try Lularoe. Maybe after pregnancy, they would be nice and stretchy for the post-baby bod. Love all of these, especially that cute maxi skirt!

  4. I enjoy you do What I wore Wednesday because you can’t think of a better idea, where as my brain is like: “Oh! I have a brilliant idea! I should do what I wore Wednesdays!” as though it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever thought of. Of course, I have no time or energy (ok, more the second than the first) to take pictures.

  5. I love the black and white! Its so warm my office is letting people wear shorts thursday and friday! I’m not partaking, but thats because I wear so many a line dresses that are reasonably cool as it is.

  6. You’ve got some amazing patterned items! I love the maxi the best! Ha, I wore a short dress with legs that needed a little shave today! Oops!

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