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Color Run Fun

I have wanted to do one of the Color Runs for a few years now and finally had the chance this past weekend!  I went with my usual partner in crime Jen, my sister-in-law Ali and Ali and Nate’s cousin Ellyssa came up from Atlanta to run this with us too.  She has a goal of running the Color Run in a different city all over the US, kind of a fun idea!

I woke up nice and early on Sunday, the day of the race, and saw that it was raining.  Rain plus color did not sound as fun!  I checked the event page and they said the event would still go on unless there was lightning or tornadoes.  So, I pumped myself up and prepared for what I assumed would be a wet morning.  Everyone met at my house and then we headed off to the MN State Fairgrounds. Miraculously, by the time we arrived, the rain stopped!


We took a bunch of “before” pictures while we were still nice and clean.  Then we got ourselves lined up. It was nice, we signed up for the 9:00 heat, but what they did was basically let runners go every five minutes or so.  We ended up in the fifth group out.


We took it easy, jogged some and walked some.  It’s such a nice low key race, no competition, all skill levels were participating.  There were even some children running along and I bet in a couple of years I know a few little people who might want to join us!  Every kilometer marker was a color point, so you’d run through and volunteers would hit you with this powder substance that was dyed a different color. The first stop was yellow, then it was orange, then pink, then blue and the last one was multi colors, including green and purple.


At the end we were given color packets and then took part in a dance party where everyone threw the color up in the air.  It was so much fun, so spirited and joyful.  Given the state of the country at the moment it was so nice to participate in something so positive. Nate and Ollie came down and watched us cross the finish line too which was so sweet.  Ollie thought the color was fun. After the run we treated ourselves to brunch out and then headed home and hit the showers.  Two days later I think I’m still washing out blue stuff!  I’ll leave you with a few more pictures from the event.  I would definitely do this run again, it was really an awesome day.


Eat your heart out Ellen, our selfie is better than your selfie!  Love these ladies!


Nate took a picture of all of us finishers.  See the tiny fuzzy hair at the bottom there? Ollie almost photo bombed us! Ellyssa definitely got the most color on her face! Purple for the win!


I am the champion! Ha!

My next race is kind of a big one, coming up in August.  I am not going to say much about it right now, let’s just say I need to step up my training efforts a bit!  July is going to be a pretty active month on the workout front, let’s say that!

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  1. That looks like fun! (Well, the color part, not so much the “run” part, ha!) I’m so glad that the sun ended up coming out so you didn’t get rained on. That would have been pretty, but messy I imagine!

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