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Return to the Surly Open

On Saturday, Nate and I had a chance to play the Surly Open Disc Golf Tournament for the second year in a row.  This year was an exceptionally awesome year to be there, it was the 10th anniversary of the Surly Open.  We got commemorative discs and a t-shirt which was pretty awesome.

The tournament is held each year at Blue Ribbon Pines Disc Golf course out in East Bethel, MN. It is probably still the nicest disc golf course we’ve played. It is also probably the most challenging, but still a lot of fun and I think I played even better than I did last year.


We ended up paired up with two other guys, but it wasn’t too bad, their skill level was pretty comparable with ours and they were friendly, so we had a lot of fun.


I just love how wooded this course is – while it can be a pain if you throw your disc at the trees, it kept it nice and shady and so many of the holes are so pretty!


Of course I made Nate suffer a selfie in the woods.  Although I guess he doesn’t look like he’s suffering too badly!


At one of the holes while we were waiting for the group ahead of us, I laid back on a bench for a second and looked up and saw this.  And it was just so beautiful I had to take a picture.  If I didn’t know better I’d say I was up in the middle of Itasca State Park!


I made jokes about being a tree hugger, so Nate made me hug the tree and took my picture.  A good way to show off my new anchor leggings, right?

Overall we had a really great time.  After we finished our round we got a nice lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and the Surly folks did a raffle and gave away a bunch of rare beers.  Nate and I were lucky enough to score a bottle of the Surly Four anniversary beer and the Surly Five anniversary beer. We’ve got six through nine at home, so we’re going to have some friends over for a tasting at some point here, should be fun to sample them all!

I really enjoy playing disc golf, I am not the best at it ever, but I find it’s much less frustrating than regular golf. And any tournament sponsored by one of my favorite MN breweries is always going to be time well spent in my book!

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  1. I love that tree hugger photo of you and it does sound like you had a great time. I’ve never played disc golf, but maybe I would do better at it than with real golf.

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