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Mom Style Remix – Graphic Tees

Other than Lularoe, I can honestly say the number one thing that is a necessity in my “mom” wardrobe is a graphic t-shirt.  I can’t wear them to work, but I pretty much live in them at the end of the day and on weekends.  This month’s Mom Style Remix with Anne of In Residence and Jenn from With What You Make It is all about styling graphic tees.  There are actually more ways to wear them than you might think!  Here are a few of my favorite graphic tees and ways I’ve styled them – forgive the fuzzy cell phone photos, I dug some from the archives of my old iPhone 4!


This first one was my Sunday look this past weekend and one of my favorite ways to wear a graphic t-shirt in the summer – throw it on with a skirt.  It dresses down the skirt, it’s cool on a warm day and it is a little more fun than just wearing it with a pair of jeans. This shirt is from Surly Brewing’s Surlyfest, but funny story, it’s not from the year I attended!  They had extras at one of the beer festivals we were at and I loved the shirt so much, I had to have it.  It’s kind of badass.


Of course we have the basic t-shirt and jean shorts look.  I got this one at Bauhaus Brewing in Minneapolis last summer and I love how it basically allows me to rep my hometown.  The brewery logo is super small on one of the sleeves, so it’s really less of a beer shirt and more of a local shirt.  And it’s a great color!


This last look is one of my favorites to do – a graphic t-shirt over a maxi dress or skirt.  I’ve had this particular shirt from Old Navy for a very long time and I love throwing it on with a maxi skirt.  It’s a little way to dress it up, but still be comfortable.

I have many more graphic tees I could feature, but we’d be here all day! How do you like to wear a graphic tee?  Be sure to check out Anne and Jenn‘s posts for more graphic tee remixes as well!

6 thoughts on “Mom Style Remix – Graphic Tees

  1. Such fun looks! Love all the color you were able to incorporate in. And graphic tees with pencil skirts are my faveeee – I’m so grateful for blogger inspiration on that. I would never have tried it, but it looks both casual and chic at the same time, and now I’m rocking that look as much as possible.

  2. I love all of your graphic tee looks–especially that first one, I love how it gives such a cute, casual vibe to that pencil skirt. I really need to pick up a few more graphic tees, I love how wearable they are!

  3. Denver Style Magazine recently interviewed me and asked me for my “go to outfit” of which I don’t really have but I did tell them that the one piece I always fall back on is the graphic tee. It is for sure a versatile and fun piece! Love yours with the striped skirt!

  4. I love graphic skirts with tees too – such a fun way to dress up the shirt and down the skirt. Perfect for summer mom style! Thanks for joining us again 🙂

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