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Kicking Off Summer

We kicked off summer with a bang this past weekend.  Because we had extra beer in our kegs from last year’s Oktoberfest (what a problem to have, right?) we thought, hey, let’s have some friends over, try to kill those kegs and also let the kids run wild in our backyard. We set the plan in motion and then learned it was going to be H-O-T on Saturday.  But, we didn’t let the heat deter us, instead we embraced it and planned for it.  We set up Ollie’s pool, bought a water table and some water balloons.  My friend Gina even made a sprinkler out of a pool noodle that I had seen on Pinterest.  We turned on the grill and let people grill up whatever they wanted.  And we just chilled in the backyard.  And it was the best.


Notice my husband in background, he was about to turn the sprinkler on Ollie’s pool to get me wet.  I was too busy watching Ollie have fun with the pool noodle sprinkler to know what was coming! Thanks to Jen for capturing this (and one I’m not sharing of the after of the spraying!)


The Unicorn mamas decided we were warm, so we crashed the kids’ pool party.  They didn’t seem to mind. Credit to Jen for this picture as well.


We grabbed a pool selfie, the first picture we laughed because it made me look topless and the second one I cut off Jen’s head in an attempt to not look topless, but this picture was a winner.  I love this swimsuit I bought at Target before we went to Jamaica, but without straps I guess you have to be careful!


The new water table was a big hit.  I should never let Nate go to Toys R Us alone, all he was supposed to get was the picnic table, but I’m glad he got this.  That’s my hairstylist’s daughter right in front, is she not the cutest?


Ollie enjoyed dinner at his new picnic table with his buddy Zac.  I have known Zac’s mom since college days and it’s so fun to raise kiddos so close in age together.


And of course because it was hot out, we had to give the kids Popsicles (or as Ollie calls them, “frozen plums”).

It was seriously the best night.  Afterward when Nate and I were re-hashing everything (because that’s what we do), Nate said “you know what’s awesome? I love how full our yard is of kids toys and I loved seeing so many kids playing with them and having fun.  It’s like we were the fun house and it just felt right.” I would have to agree with him.  This was kind of my dream from the time we found out we were having Ollie – having a house full of friends, hanging in the backyard, the sounds of giggling kids, the smell of grilled goodies.  It just made my heart so full and so happy.  I look forward to the next time we do this, I think this summer will be full of backyard shenanigans.

I’m clinging to the happy memories after the sadness and tragedy in Orlando yesterday. I’d love to just go back to Saturday again.  Instead, I hold Orlando in my heart, keep praying, keep hoping for a better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Kicking Off Summer

  1. That sounds like the perfect summer weekend day and it looks like all those kiddos (and their mamas!) were having a blast. We were at my husband’s dad’s this weekend and it was also hot, so they set up a bunch of water activities too and Jona ran around with his cousins, so fun! The pool noodle sprinkler idea looks awesome!

  2. GAH! I love summer! And summer with friends and kids is even better! What fun little impromptu shenanigans can occur! How sweet do the kids look here?!?! And I can see Patrick doing the same thing to me with the sprinkler! LOL

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