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Reading Challenge – Book I’ve Read at Least Once


Hey, remember my reading challenge for 2016?  I haven’t abandoned it.  I will admit to kind of taking the easy road for my next book on the list though – I chose to tackle the “book you’ve already read at least once.” Because it’s summer and I just want to be lazy and read fluff.

The book I chose I have already professed my love for many times here on the blog.  Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. I have not read it just once or twice.  I have read it almost every summer since I’ve owned it. Crazy right? It’s kind of like a favorite movie, I can read it a million times and still want to read it again. My copy of it is in such rough shape at this point!

If you’ve never read it, Summer Sisters is one of Judy Blume’s adult novels.  It’s a coming of age story focused on the friendship of two girls, Victoria (Vix) and Caitlin.  Caitlin comes from a well to do family that spends summers on Martha’s Vineyard.  She invites Vix to go away for the summer with her when they are 11 years old.  Vix grew up in a struggling family who barely could make ends meet.  Vix and Caitlin could not be more opposite, but their friendship blossoms that first summer on the Vineyard as they dubbed themselves “Summer Sisters”.  Every summer they share adventures and secrets and pretty much go from being girls to being women together.  They returned to the Vineyard each year until they were 18 and took separate paths after high school.  Vix goes to college while Caitlin travels the world. They hardly see each other until Caitlin calls out of the blue asking Vix to be her maid of honor at her wedding which results in a bit of a moral dilemma for Vix when she learns Caitlin is marrying her ex-boyfriend. Because she would do anything for Caitlin, she agrees to go and be a part of her special day. Caitlin’s marriage does not last long before she takes off to the other side of the world once again.  I won’t spoil the ending, instead I will just say that Vix’s love for Caitlin, in spite of everything they’ve been through, shines through right to the end of the story. It’s a story about growing up, finding yourself, finding love, and finding your way in the world.  But at it’s heart it is a story about friendship.

Being that it is Best Friends Day I figured this was a good book to review today.  I have just now finished it for the 17th time.  Yep.  I have read it pretty much every summer since I was 17 years old. Tell me I’m not the only crazy person who has read a book that many times – anyone else have a favorite book they can read again and again?

3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge – Book I’ve Read at Least Once

  1. Dang it – I had a comment all written out, but for some reason it didn’t save (either that or I closed my tab before I hit post…it could have been the second one…LOL). Anyway – I don’t believe that I have ever read Summer Sisters before. I could read a series by Nora Robert many times over. It’s called “The Chesapeake Bay” and there are 4 books in the series. No matter how many times I read it, I love it just as much as I did the first time I read it.

  2. I’ve heard of that book but I’m sad to say I’ve never read it!! If I hadn’t just added about a million books to my library holds list I would go add it right now. There aren’t too many books that I reread, but sometimes a particular season will remind me of a book and I’ll want to read it again. No shame in that!!

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