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Mucci’s Experience

I wanted to talk about my experience at Mucci’s Italian Restaurant last week because it was amazing. And I already shared these pictures on FB and Instagram, but I’m still going to share them here, I have been dreaming of this food ever since last Thursday!

We started with a salad, since one of our friends was stuck in traffic and we were both hungry. This salad was fantastic, light, small amount of cheese.  It reminds me of the fresh and delicious salads you can get at Punch Pizza, though this one might be even better.


Our third friend finally made it and we put in an order of a few things to share.  Since she had been there before we trusted her judgement on what to order. We decided on one small plate, a pizza and a lasagna. The small plate we chose was pork ribs. And I pretty much gobbled them up before I remembered to take a picture! They had kind of a Asian feeling sauce on them and they were pretty much to die for.


Then came the pizza and the lasagna.  Oh you guys, this pizza.  This pizza is in the running to be what I would choose as my last meal on earth.  The crust is deep fried.  The sauce is perfect.  Just the right amount of cheese and toppings. And they sell frozen ones to go.  I didn’t choose to bring one home, but my friend did, so I will have to ask her what she thinks of it cooking at home.


On the menu they say the lasagna is made into “layers of love” Um, yes.  All the love. Plenty of cheese, plenty of sauce and the outside is almost kind of crispy and like a crust.  It’s pretty much perfect.


Of course, we had to order dessert.  And we couldn’t choose just one, so we chose two. And in the end I’m glad we did, because one of the desserts wasn’t as good.


The disappointing dessert was the rhubarb crisp. And the crisp itself wasn’t that disappointing.  The scoop of lemon basil gelato was what threw this one off a bit. The basil flavor was SO overpowering. We felt a different flavor gelato would have been a better choice.  That was ok in the end, because the other dessert more than made up for it.


We had to have tiramisu.  And it was one of the best I’ve had in a LONG time. Everything about it was just right. I can’t say more than that because it really just speaks for itself if you look at that picture!

So overall I really enjoyed Mucci’s.  I’m pretty picky about my Italian food, I have my favorites in the Twin Cities, but I’m definitely adding Mucci’s to the list.  I did see people with children there, but I feel like I’d rather go and enjoy a date with Nate or another girls night instead of taking Ollie.  It feels like a little more of a special treat kind of place.  But no matter what, I’m definitely planning on going back!

6 thoughts on “Mucci’s Experience

  1. I’m crying a little bit inside that I STILL haven’t been to Mucci’s. My mouth was practically watering reading through this post. EVERYTHING LOOKS AND SOUNDS DELICIOUS.

    1. LETS GO!!!! I did stop in there for donuts this past weekend, and I’m now regretting not getting the tiramisu donut…but the salted carmel pretzel donut was amazing.

  2. Oh wow, my mouth is watering over here! That pizza looks SO good. And I’m not even a lasagna person and that lasagna looks good! Of course the tiramisu looks delicious as well!

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