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#TBT The Downward Slope

I’m back to the 90’s with Throwback Thursday today.  Where I left things off before taking a break for wedding week last week was in a somewhat happy place, but you will see that things are going to change VERY quickly in the course of a month. Hold on to your hats.

December 3, 1997

I talked to B on the phone tonight. On Monday I gave him a note asking him to Y-Teens (winter formal dance). No response as of yet. We’re all going to his house on New Year’s Eve. Of course that’s a few weeks away, but I’m already excited. Friday is my b-day party with my girlfriends. Otherwise nothing is new. Bye! <3 Beth

December 14, 1997

B called me from his friend E’s house last night. I only talked to them for about 15 minutes. B’s getting a job at McDonald’s. I think he’s going to say yes to Y-Teens. Anyway, yesterday was kind of depressing.  I got a midquarter in the mail telling me I’m failing math. So I have to work on bringing the grade up. Tomorrow is the band concert. I’m excited. But I gotta go. <3 Beth

December 23, 1997

Well let’s see, B came over today after school and we played some computer games. I gave him a Christmas present which  he loved and – HE FINALLY SAID YES! We’re going to Y-Teens!  Yay! The next time I’ll see him is New Years, but I’m sure we’ll talk on the phone and stuff. <3 Beth P.S. G broke up with Amber, he’s such a jerk, unlike my sweetie B!

December 31, 1997

Did I say B was a sweetie? Well – he doesn’t want Y-Teens to be a couples thing, we have to go with other people and he’s been making it clear to everyone but me that we’re just friends and won’t be more than that. He’s been leading me on and I’m so pissed. He has no idea how much he’s hurt me. I’m going over there tonight still for the party but I can’t say I’m happy about it. I’ll chuck it up for one night. As for Y-Teens, we’ll see. Bye. <3 Beth

January 3, 1998

Well, life’s not so bad after all. I had a heart to heart with B (after sort of turning everyone against him on New Years…oops) and we’ve decided not to go to Y-Teens. Our hearts aren’t in it. We are going to come over here that night and watch movies with friends. I told him how I felt about our relationship status. I think I was more honest with him than I have ever been. We’re just going to go one day at a time for now. So that’s how 1998 begins. Another chapter in the story of my life begins. <3 Beth

So as you see, things took a dive pretty quickly. We remained “friends” for a little bit as you’ll see next week, but we’re getting pretty close to the end of this saga and it won’t be long before things will look up for me in the best way possible. Stay tuned!

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  1. Oh B sounds like such the typical high school boy–so wishy washy! I feel like I was in a relationship or two like this one myself in high school! It’s been so fun reading these journals Beth, and also a reminder of why I would never want to go back to that time in my life and do it again. It was fun, but crazy!!

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