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Time for my favorite link up of the month – Currently with Anne and Jenna!  Hard to believe it’s already June, this year is flying by.  Here are some current happenings for this month!


Planning – All the summer things!  Oliver LOVES the outdoors and that’s a good thing, because so do his mom and dad!  I plan to eat at all the outside patios, play in the backyard, have tons of bonfires, go swimming, go on picnics, it’s going to be a great summer!  I found a fun info graphic on Pinterest in case we run out of ideas though!

Enjoying – Sunny days.  We had a bit of rain over the holiday weekend, so when the sun came out, I planted myself in a chair in the backyard and basked in the warmth while Nate worked on his box.  I helped when he needed it, but it was nice to just relax in the sun!

Buying – Let’s not talk about my Lularoe addiction.  Let’s just not.  Instead, let’s talk about the summer clothes I’ve been buying and picking out for Ollie.  We have a wedding at the end of June and I thought a simple cute outfit like chino shorts and a polo might be a fun look for him, a little dressy but still playful.

Pinning – I’m saving up my money because I think I’m going to finally pull the trigger on a tattoo idea I’ve wanted.  It’s not going to be as big as the one I have pictured above, but I would love to do something with hop flowers, it’s significant to my family and I’d get three little hops to represent the three of us. I’ve thought about this for a long time, so we’ll see when it finally happens. In the meantime it’s fun to pin ideas.

Craving – I have a lady date tomorrow to the new Mucci’s Italian restaurant in St. Paul and I cannot wait to eat all the things.  I have seen so many pictures of the goodies on social media, I just can’t wait to try it out for myself!

That’s the latest from here!  What is currently going on in your world? Make sure to check out Anne and Jenna’s blogs for other Currently posts!

8 thoughts on “Currently in June

  1. I can’t believe it’s already June! Where has the time gone? So exciting about the summer plans – being outside, eating on the patios, bonfires. Can’t wait about your tattoo! I know an excellent person who is great at tattoos!

  2. I’ve been having fun buying summer things for Jona too, it’s too addictive 🙂 And I LOVE your tattoo idea, I can’t wait to see it when you get it!!! Yay for summer weather and enjoying the outdoors too 🙂

  3. Ok, numbering these so I remember to say everything I was thinking of saying:
    1. Yoink! Stealing this list.
    2. Oh my goodness, the rain here has been very depressing. We’re off to the in-laws’ this weekend, and my only requirement is for 10 minutes in a lounge chair in their backyard with the sun shining on me.
    3. I’m so mad that LuLaRoe isn’t big in Canada yet. Everything you have is so cute, and it all seems to stretchy. I need stretchy in this phase between regular clothes and maternity clothes. I may give your instagram pics the stink eye on days when my pants are too tight, or my maternity tights are falling down. We have a wedding at the beginning of July, but since it’s in the city where my in-laws live and our anniversary weekend, we’re dropping C off with them at the beginning of the weekend, and getting ourselves a hotel room. No pretty dress for C!
    4. How long is “long?” My rule has always been I have to like the design and the placement for 18 months. I’ve never made it past 3 on both counts. I have a concept that I’ve liked for 3 years but can’t decide on a design or placement.
    5. Lady date made me giggle. Maybe because it reminded me of “Lady doctor” and I am that 5 year old boy that laughs at mentions of genitalia.

    1. LOL you make me smile. I can’t believe you can’t get Lula in Canada yet either. I have a friend who will be selling it, I will find out what cost of mailing would be to you, no joke. It is very comfy and stretchy and I have seen so many mamas turning their stuff into maternity clothes very easily! And for the tattoo – I have seriously been sitting on this idea for five years. So it’s time. And now I’m giggling at lady doctor too.

  4. A lady date for Italian food? Sounds like perfection! And I’ve been having fun replenishing Hendrik’s summer wardrobe too – all of a sudden it got warm and I realized he had no shorts that fit!

  5. Green, sunny summer days spent outdoors are just the best! We used to live in Michigan and after the long winters I was so ready to be outside again!

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