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Weekend-ing Done Right

Three day weekends are glorious aren’t they? You know what is better than a three day weekend? A FOUR day weekend.  And that’s just what we just had. And it was great. So I’m going to talk about it. Hopefully you’re not bored by that kind of thing. If you are, well, bear with me.

Friday was our anniversary, if you didn’t figure that out by all the wedding themed posts last week! We took the day off to spend together and still sent Ollie over to my mom for the day. Unfortunately, it was raining, so many of our original ideas of things to do didn’t quite pan out. We had thought about going to disc golf somewhere a little more challenging where it would normally be harder to bring Ollie along. But as I said, rain. Then we thought we’d go to the Science Museum and see the Omnitheater show, but the showtimes didn’t start until later in the day and we had dinner reservations. Finally we decided on lunch at a restaurant in NE we enjoy (The Draft Horse) followed by a matinee movie. We saw The Nice Guys – I highly recommend it. After that we got dressed for dinner and had a nice meal over at the Strip Club Meat and Fish in St. Paul. We finished the day by being nostalgic and watching our wedding DVD. It was a low key day, very reflective of who we are as a couple and it was just the best anniversary.

Saturday was another rainy day. Nate took Ollie over to the Children’s Museum and I helped out my Jen with launching her Tupperware business by hosting a little get together at my house. Lots of mimosas were consumed! After Ollie’s nap we went to a picnic on Nate’s side of the family for a little bit, then grabbed some dinner at our favorite Italian joint and then hit up an open house at the brand new salon that my stylist just opened up.

Sunday we finally had good weather! We got up and went to Caribou and then decided to go disc golfing. We tried a course we hadn’t been to before. It was a challenge, but lots of fun. We were bad and ate out again for lunch, but decided we’d have a backyard barbecue at home for dinner. Nate also started on a project in the backyard, building a raised bed garden for his tomato plants. We ate hamburgers for dinner and then set up a bonfire.  We let Ollie stay up for a little bit to see the fire, then put him to bed and relaxed for a long time by the fire. It was heavenly. I love my backyard.


And then Monday was another beautiful day, Ollie and I ran some errands while Nate finished his big project. We had a nice brunch at home and dinner over at my in-laws on their deck.


Overall it was a relaxing weekend, filled with all the best things, time as a couple, time as a family, time with extended family and time with friends.  How can you beat that? And now there are only four days this week and we’re officially into summer and I can’t wait for all that’s to come.

How was your long weekend?

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  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend with the exception of all the rain! I’m glad Sunday and Monday were nice though. I hope your anniversary was wonderful on Friday, it sounds like it was a day well spent. Lots of eating out is always exciting for me 🙂

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