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#TBT – Journals from May 2006

So I know last week for #TBT I promised to continue the saga of B and 10th grade and all of that, but who wants to talk about a past relationship during wedding week?  So instead today I’m bringing you some journal posts from the week of my wedding.  I used to write in a Live Journal account – which if you think about it, was really my first “blog” though I feel like it kind of doesn’t count because it was limited to myself and three other friends I let read it, ha. Anyway, today I have a few posts I found on that account, kind of fun to see what was going on the week leading up to the big day!

May 22, 2006 – 5 Days and Counting!

Ok, so that could get annoying if I do that everyday so I won’t, but I just felt like throwing that up there today. It seems so crazy that it’s only five more days. I’m feeling better with each passing day and growing more excited so I think that’s good. It’s also kind of nice that I really don’t have to do anything until Friday. Everything is done. People kept asking me if I had much left to do yesterday at church and I’m like “no, not really!” That’s a good feeling though. There are little things such as packing for the honeymoon and stuff like that, I’ll probably have to run to the store to pick up some small things, but otherwise, I’m pretty much done!

Nate and I had Asia for dinner last night. It was so good. I’m having the leftovers for lunch. 🙂 It was nice spending time with him yesterday. I got to spend lots of time with Taylor too, I think she misses me. Cleo on the other hand is so excited to have me back at my parents house to sleep with. She’s alot more mellow than Taylor though so I have no problems with her sleeping on my bed.

You know it’s funny, I’m super excited for the wedding, but I’m also super excited for Buca and the rehearsal dinner. I love Buca and we’re getting such good food. I can’t wait. There will be lots of wine too, which is always a good thing!

Well, I think I’m going to get back to work, I don’t really have all that much to do though. Guess I should enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

May 23, 2006 – So Bored!

You know how it gets to a point when you know you’ll be leaving soon for a vacation or something and you have no motivation to actually work? Yep, that’s where I’m at right now. I mean, I normally don’t really have the motivation to actually work, but it’s especially bad this week! I’m only here through Thursday. I’d love to just play hooky sooner than that though! So anyway, our meeting was super short this morning so I’ve been sitting in my office bored out of my mind. There are actually a couple of things I could be doing, I just don’t want to actually be doing them! So instead, I’m wasting time.

Gina brought me my scrapbook yesterday. It turned out so good! It really warmed my heart to see all the stuff that people did for it and the pictures at the end are so much fun. That was such a fun night.

Last night we went over and started cleaning at Nate’s apartment. Believe or not it’s getting to be in pretty good shape. We pretty much have the kitchen left and then we’ll be just about done with that. He has to arrange a sort of “check-out” time with the management which he’s hoping to do during the day on Friday. We’ll be going back there tonight to work on what’s left.

All right, I suppose I should get back to work or not working or whatever I actually feel like doing.

May 24, 2006 Ho-Hum

Once again I’m BORED! I just don’t want to be here today. I have to work on my scheduling stuff too and I just don’t want to. I’m kind of wondering why I didn’t put in for more time off. I could’ve made today my last day, but I didn’t. Oh well. At least I’m leaving for awhile this afternoon to go look for pretty hair barrettes for Ali. Tonight the choir is meeting for a social gathering up at Applebees. I’m going, but only long enough to have one drink I think. I want to be included, but I don’t really want to be out long tonight.

We’re pretty much done at Nate’s apartment. He’s going back there tonight to do some final cleaning, but all the stuff is gone. It’s empty. Then hopefully he can check out tomorrow. Woo-hoo, no more apartment!

I have all my thank yous ready for the wedding, except I still need to pick up something small for Stef and Justine since they’re kind of doing the crapwork at the wedding and Nate still needs to get the groomsmen presents. He knows what he’s getting at least.

I’ve been making lists left and right, but I just don’t want to forget anything! Anyway, that’s about all that’s new today. I should really start working on scheduling.

May 25, 2006

I so don’t want to be here today. I don’t want to deal with anything related to my job today. Grrrr, I want to go home right now. I wouldn’t even do anything if I left, but I just don’t want to be here!

Nate and I have to do a bunch of running around tonight. Basic last minute wedding stuff. I’ll have a handful of things to do tomorrow too, but not as much.

I’m super frustrated that I haven’t heard from either of the jobs that I had second interviews for. I tried not to think about it a lot this week, but I haven’t done a very good job. But, I guess now I’m to the point where I’ll just have to deal with the job stuff when I get back from the honeymoon. At this point I just really want to be out of here before June 19th when the new pastor starts. There’s some options I’m considering though to possibly make that happen. But, like I said, I’m going to try and get through the wedding first at this point.

All right, I guess I’d better get to work even though I really don’t want to be here. It’s just one more day, when I leave today I don’t have to come back for a whole week. Well, ok, that’s a lie because we’re doing nails here tomorrow, but yeah, you get the idea.


Ha ha, I was so mentally checked out of work and you can clearly see it in these posts! And I even admit that I was thinking a little too much about the jobs I interviewed for. I actually am amused at how pretty calm I was otherwise, just kind of talking about little last minute things.  I was told more than once that I was a pretty low key bride!  It helps that we were very organized and prepared I think!

Anyway, I’ll have a final post up tomorrow to wrap up wedding week, so don’t miss that! My regular 90’s style throwback Thursdays will be back next week! If you need a 90’s fix sooner, head over to Laura’s blog at One Girl, Two Cities!

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  1. How fun that you have a journal of these days to look back on–I wish I would have had that! I know how it is though being SO excited about something you can’t concentrate on anything else, especially work stuff. I remember feeling that way especially the day I found out I was pregnant (this time around)–I took a test at home on my way to do a work errand in the morning, and the whole rest of the day was shot!!

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