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Wedding Week – The Little Details

Isn’t it funny the things we remember as time goes by? As I reflect on my wedding and the days and weeks leading up to it, I remember very specific things, where other things have kind of faded into the background a bit. Here are some of the things I still remember very clearly ten years later.

Everyone I ever met threw me a shower.  I’m not kidding. I had six showers. My mom’s family, my dad’s family, Nate’s family, my girlfriends, the church choir and then one from my co-workers.  And no joke, except for the one that was thrown by my co-workers, it rained and was cold for every single shower day. So much fun for loading up gifts into your car! And side note, so much of the things we registered for and received as gifts we no longer use or have.  You should get to have anniversary showers instead.  You don’t know what you need until you are living in your space with your spouse, at least that’s just my experience!


About six months before our wedding, the pastor of my church announced he was being moved to another church.  While he was also my boss at the time, I was less worried about my job and instead was like “you’re still going to do my wedding right?” He did. I’m forever grateful.

The color of the bridesmaids dresses was called celadon.  It was a very light green. I pretty much let my bridesmaids pick them out.  When we went wedding dress shopping, I had narrowed my dress choices down to just two, and they went and found dresses they thought would compliment each one. I pretty much just chose the color, they chose the style. The only downside, the green did not photograph well inside the church at all.  Which is why I should have sucked it up and went outside with them for pictures.

We had our rehearsal dinner at Buca de Beppo.  The waiters made us crowns out of take out containers and made us wear them. The boyfriend of one of my bridesmaids ended up “getting really sick” afterward – he blamed food poisoning, but no one else got ill, I think he was ducking my friend (and they broke up a few months later).

After all that rain, it was sunny and HOT on May 27, 2006. It was easily 95 degrees outside. Thankfully the church was air conditioned. The air conditioning cut out (it was on a timer) right in the middle of the ceremony and it was after a reading when it was a quiet moment.  My wedding coordinator took care of it, but I remember hearing her heels clicking on the floor as she walked to the back of the church and then all the way upstairs to turn it back on again!

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There is video footage of my bridesmaids and I singing “Going to the Chapel” during the wedding pictures before the ceremony in three part harmony.  Because we were music nerds. And the empty church had fantastic acoustics.

After the ceremony was over and we did the receiving line, we were going to do a grand exit with bubbles and get into the limo.  But the limo wasn’t there at first. I panicked, I didn’t even have my cell phone on me that day, so I had to borrow one of my friend’s who was acting as hostess.  Turns out the limo was just parked around the block instead of right outside the door!

We had some time to kill before the reception, so we had our limo take us to the Wild Onion in St. Paul. There was hardly anyone in the place.  They gave us free (but terrible) champaigne. One of Nate’s cousins was a groomsmen and had brought beer into the limo (in a diaper bag no less, they had a newborn at the time) so we had already had some drinks on the way.  Then we drank shots, because why not? By time time we got back into the limo to head to the reception. we were all pretty toasted (except the best man, who for religious reasons does not drink, he had to think we were all nuts).  I’ve told this story before, so if you’ve heard I apologize, but in my totally buzzed state, I spilled the beans to Gina that her then boyfriend was going to be proposing to her and had already asked her dad for his blessing. Oh alcohol.

The rest of the night was a blur – it was a blast – but it was a blur.  I remember not really eating that much of my dinner because my dress was a little snug and after a few bites I was stuffed. I remember my poor aunt who was my personal attendant had promised to bring this antique knife for us to use to cut the cake, but forgot it (and she promptly sobbed) so we cut the cake with a huge chef’s knife instead. Our first dance was “That’s How Strong My Love Is” by Otis Redding and we had people stopping us while dancing telling us they loved the song choice. We danced with our wedding party to “Tomorrow Comes a Day Too Soon” by Flogging Molly.

And then the last memory I have of that night was that our wedding night wasn’t terribly romantic – we came home to our house and discovered the air conditioning wasn’t working. At all. And remember I said it was 95 degrees that day? Yeah. I pulled out all my hair pins and we passed out on our bed with fans blowing on us.  Or tried to pass out. I know I didn’t sleep much that night, but not for the reasons you’d think on a wedding night, ha!

The next day we headed north and spent an entire week in Itasca State Park and pretty much started our life together.


I am not done with my thoughts for the week yet, there will be a TBT post tomorrow and some marriage reflections on Friday.  So stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Wedding Week – The Little Details

  1. So many memories! I love it – I remember it being so hot on your wedding. I also remember that in the back of the limo. I was like – no we have only been dating for 4 months, how can he know already…little did I know it happened 4 months later 🙂 I have so many fond memories from your wedding!

  2. It’s funny the little details that you remember and other things (that may have seemed like such a big deal at the time) that you forget. It sounds like overall it was a wonderful wedding!! I’m totally with you on the “anniversary shower” idea–all our wedding gift stuff is wearing out, and while we thought 10 years later we’d have so much money to buy new stuff (ha!) that is SO not the case. I hardly ate or drank anything at my wedding, and I wish I had–I was just too caught up in the excitement I guess. Also–we forgot to toast with champagne, even though my mom bought us special glasses to use–so your story about the cake cutting made me remember that 🙂

  3. Sounds like lots of good memories! It’s funny the things that you think are so important at the time and then down the road you don’t even remember them!

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