Wedding Week – Party Time

Today I want to share memories of my bachelorette party.  It was the best. You should have been there. Let’s time travel back in time so you can all come.


My dear maid of honor, Gina, truly outdid herself.  She found a super fun place (that has since closed down, so we really would need to time travel to recreate this day) called Mel’s Beauty Bar where you could go and get manicures or a massage and drink.  It was like bar meets spa! And it turns out bachelorette parties were kind of this place’s specialty. It was a no brainer.

We gathered all my girls at my house (where I was already living, we rented before we bought) and took pictures with um, some colorful cookies my now sister-in-law made.  Then we headed to Chipotle for dinner because we needed some protein before we could go drink!


Then we headed to the Beauty Bar.  My mom and favorite aunts met us there because they were “crashing” so to speak.  I know what you’re thinking, why would I let my mom and aunts crash my bachlorette party, wouldn’t that be embarrassing?  No, not even a little bit when it comes to my family. I wanted them there, I was happy they came.

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From there, things well, get fuzzy because drinks. I know there was a shot of Baileys at some point and a cosmo and I am not even sure what else. I remember asking our sweet bald, gay waiter if I could rub his head for good luck and good weather on my wedding day. There was a ton of laughs, pictures taken, pretty nails to show off and just all around fun.


We went back to my house and the girls then did the sweetest thing, they made a scrapbook for me, each one creating a page with well wishes for me and then the back of the book was all dedicated to pictures from that night. I cherish that book more than I can say.  I remember when Gina finished it, I was having a particularly bad day at work and she brought it down to me and it just warmed my heart and made me so happy. I am happy to say I’m still in touch with each of the ladies who contributed to this book, even if we aren’t as close as we were then, they all still mean a great deal to me.


I kind of alluded to this in yesterday’s post, the month leading up to my wedding was a little bit stressful for me.  I was looking for a new job because my current one was being cut to part time. Nate and I were trying to figure out when we could close on the house. One of my uncles ended up in the hospital which put some strain on my mom’s family. So, it was an exciting time, but a tough one.  My bachelorette party was seriously what the doctor ordered and just what I needed. I needed to cut loose, laugh with a bunch of ladies and celebrate.  And that’s just what we did.  Ten years later my cheeks still hurt from smiling sometimes!


So for real, let’s find the Delorian and go back and time and do it again. Sound good? (side note, the date in all these pics are wrong, my camera was terrible about keeping the date, it was May 2006, not January 2004, ha!)

3 thoughts on “Wedding Week – Party Time

  1. I LOVED your bachelorette party!! I’m glad that it came together so well and that you had a fabulous time! I would love to look at that scrapbook again – fun walk down memory lane.

  2. That sounds like such a blast!! A perfect mix of pampering and letting loose! I’m not sure I’d be able to make it through another bachelorette party–I just don’t have it in me anymore (even if I wasn’t pregnant, ha!). For mine we got a party bus and bar hopped–it was quite a time!!

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