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#TBT Celebrations

Welcome to another thrilling installment of Throwback Thursday.  This week we’ll look at the Halloween and birthday celebrations that B and I shared before things kind of take a nose dive.  But I’m getting ahead of myself!

October 20, 1997

Talked to B on the phone tonight (surprise, surprise.) I love talking to him. Our plans are coming along for Halloween. I have to decide on a costume! Anyway, what’s new other than that? Not much. Talked to Sara too. Her and I are going to the movies or to Bridgemans for ice cream tomorrow night. My Confirmation open house is on Sunday. Busy, busy. Play practice tomorrow too. Well I should go to bed now. Good night! <3 Me

October 31st, 1997

Well everyone left about a half hour ago. It was so fun!! First Jenni and Anna got here and we got ready together. Then Chad and Tony came on their bikes. Finally B came. He looked really cute and then changed into his costume which was hilarious. Then Tom came and we all went trick-or-treating. It was raining but we didn’t care. Wes caught up with us and then we came back here and changed out of our costumes and dumped out all our candy and traded. We listened to some music. Then B wanted to play my guitar so I brought him up to my room to get it.  Showed him Cleo, etc. Then we started playing a game called Babble On when we realized Chad’s bike had been stolen. Other than that little damper it was fine. We started watching a horror movie and then everyone had to leave. Gotta go. <3 Me

November 18, 1997 (B’s Birthday)

Hello! It’s been a pretty cool day. I made a sign for B’s locker, but what I got there it had already been decorated. I was so pissed. But, I waited for him to get there, surprised him with his Goldfish crackers and card which he loved. Then he opened up his locker and there was decorations all on the inside too. Guess who did it? His sister. Ha! We might combine our birthdays and have a party. Speaking of my birthday, exactly one week from today I’ll be 16! Yea! Gotta go. <3 Me

November 29, 1997

Yesterday was so awesome! Me, Jenni, Anna and Tony all went over to B’s house to celebrate his and my birthdays! I got to his house at 4:00 and got to hang out with just him for a bit. Then Tony came and it was the three of us until Jenni and Anna got there around 5:30. We ordered pizza, then I opened my present from B – chocolates and a stuffed Felix the Cat (adorable!)We played Monopoly and recorded some stuff. His mom and sister said they liked me in the play (cheeks go red here). All in all it was awesome. Now we’re all getting together for New Years. Gotta go. <3 Beth

Sounds so sweet doesn’t it?  Sounds like we were pretty much a couple right? Well our relationship still wasn’t really defined as anything and pretty soon it will start to get on my nerves. Things are about to change.  But you’ll have to come back next week to find out what happens next!

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  1. Ooh you’re keeping us on the edge of our seats here, I can’t wait to see what happens. Ah, teenage drama 🙂 I remember decorating lockers for birthdays, it was such a big deal!

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