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Book Review – Here I Go Again

I’m still going strong on my reading challenge for the year, but I took a break after my last book for that challenge to just read some basic fluff.  Not to mention, I was on vacation and who wants to work hard on vacation?  I decided to pick out a book at Half Price Books before our trip that would just be a fun read and I found it in Jen Lancaster’s “Here I Go Again.”


I read the synopsis and it was described as being “Back to the Future meets Mean Girls.” I was sold from that description alone! The main character, Lissy Ryder, was the most popular girl in high school and was basically the Regina George of her class.  However, 20 years later as she prepares to go to her high school reunion, her life is falling apart.  She’s lost her job, her husband has left her and she’s forced to move home with her parents to try to start life over.  She decides to start her own business and figures her 20 year class reunion will be the perfect place to enlist former classmates to help her.  She soon learns that no one likes her because of how mean she was to them back in their high school days.  After drinking way too much, one of her former classmates takes pity on her and brings her back to her house. Lissy confides in this friend that she wishes her life were different and she could change the past and this friend says she has a way to help her.  Suddenly Lissy is transported back in time to her senior year where she has the power to change everything.  When she returns to the present, everything is different and it seems at first that it’s all for the better, but she soon learns that changing the past doesn’t mean everything in the present will be 100% perfect.

It’s totally an unrealistic plot, but that’s what makes it so fun. And as horrible as a person we see Lissy was in her past, you almost can’t help but feel for her, especially when she starts working so hard to make everything right. The book isn’t even really tied up in a neat little bow or anything, but I actually feel it ends kind of how it should. Overall it was just a silly, fluffy, relaxing read – as I said, the perfect vacation or beach book.  I’d definitely recommend it if you need a simple read this summer!

4 thoughts on “Book Review – Here I Go Again

  1. That sounds like a great vacation read! I feel like this is the perfect kind of book for that–you want something light and fun, but not something that you can’t put down when you want to go have fun with your family. We’re going on a (VERY short trip) to Nashville soon and I’m already trying to think about what to read on the plane.
    And great minds think alike–I’m talking books on the blog today too! 🙂

  2. I haven’t read one of Jen’s novels yet, but I might have to get this one, especially since my 10 year reunion is this summer.

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