Things I Love Lately

Because we can always use a dose of positive vibes on a Monday, I decided today to bring you another installment of things I love lately.

Colourpop Lipstick – Jen turned me on to these lip sticks and they are AMAZING. The price point is not bad, the colors are so fun and they last.  If I can get a lipstick to last through my morning coffee, then that’s pretty darn awesome.

Vinyl – We finished a bunch of shows we’d been streaming lately and needed a replacement, so after reading a bunch about it decided to give Vinyl a try.  It’s pretty good so far and has some great music. It has a bunch of actors who were in the Sopranos which is kind of fun.  And I love Olivia Wilde.

Flowers Blooming – Spring has exploded in Minnesota and flowers are in bloom everywhere.  I know it’s allergy inducing for some people (yours truly included at times, at least in my eyes) but it’s so fun to see all the pretty colors.  Now if the weather would just warm up a bit, which it sounds like it will this week!

Hello Beautiful from Bath and Body Works – Right after my vacation I went to Bath and Body Works to stock up on a few things and fell in love with this new scent.  It’s sort of floral, but light.  I find it’s a nice every day scent and it doesn’t bother Nate’s allergies like some scents do, so it’s a win in my book!

Cold Press season – I love, love, LOVE cold press coffee.  I look forward to warm days when I can pretty much drink it all the time.  I have made my own for the last couple of years but it’s the best from either Caribou or Dunn Bros if I go out for it.  I wish I was drinking some right now!

So those are just five things I’m loving right now!  What are some things rocking your world these days?

3 thoughts on “Things I Love Lately

  1. I’m SO with you on cold press, that sounds so good all the time right now. I need to start making it at home to save $$ but haven’t taken the time. I’ve heard good things about ColourPop lipstick, I need to try it. Thanks for the positive vibes for a Monday… definitely needed 🙂

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