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#TBT Phone Calls and Plans

Today for TBT I will continue the saga of B.  And again as I read back through these posts I laugh at my naivety. It’s cute in a way.  Let’s dive right in.

October 8, 1997

Guess who called me last night? B!  I was at play practice so Mom got his number and I called him at 9:00 or so and we talked until about 9:55. So that was really cool. We talked about everything from music to stuff about the play and my cat. He says he has a dog named Sadie. It was really fun to talk to him. I was hoping he’d call again tonight, but he didn’t.  I’m going to ask him tomorrow if I can call him tomorrow night. So we’re moving along slowly but surely. Better to go slow than to rush things. But I gotta go. <3 Beth

October 11, 1997

Last night I called B.  We talked for almost two hours before I had to leave for the band lock-in. I love talking to him. He’s so sweet! Then I went to the band lock-in. It was fun, but not as fun as last year’s. Now I’m getting ready to go to church and then a hayride with Sara and then I’m going to bed. Things are moving along nicely with B. I hope it stays that way. <3 Beth

October 13, 1997

Hello! Today was fun in French. B and I played tic-tac-toe and the box game and Hangman. It was fun. He is so sweet. Anyway, guess what? The Jazz Band, Dixie Band and Swing Choir are going on a trip in March to New Orleans! That means Sara and I get to go together! We’re going to take a train. I cannot wait. And — IN ONE WEEK I’LL BE FREE OF MY BRACES!! Life is sweet. Bliss. Pure Bliss. <3 Beth

October 15, 1997

I talked to B on the phone today. We’re all coming over here on Halloween. We – meaning me, him, Jenni, Chad, Anna, Anna’s friend Rachel, Tony, Tom and maybe Mike. It should be really fun. Somehow B and I understand each other really well. We’re so alike it’s scary (note from future me WRONG!!!) He’s making a tape for me of his favorite songs! I’m excited to get it back. We have a 4-day weekend this weekend. Sara got her driver’s license today! I’m excited for her. But I gotta go. Write later. <3 Me

Oh my gosh – he made me a MIX TAPE? Could this BE anymore 1990’s??? Oh the hilarity.  And spoiler alert, he and I could not have been more different – we were not so “alike it’s scary”. But I was young and in serious crush mode.  Anyway, next week we’ll talk about Halloween and birthdays and the last of what I’d consider the “good days” before things take a turn. Cause you know it’s going to happen.

Laura’s taking a bit of a blogging break but hopes to be back with TBT posts soon!

2 thoughts on “#TBT Phone Calls and Plans

  1. I KNOW (insert the Friends reference from Monica to counter your Chandler 🙂 )!!!! love the mixed tape – that is so 90s! That is so awesome!

  2. Yes the mix tape!!! I remember those oh so well. And those LONG phone calls. Now days I think I’d jab my eye out if I had to be on the phone for 2 hours but in my teenage years it was the highlight of my day!

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