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Mom Style Remix – Cardigans

I’m joining up with Anne of In Residence and Jenn of What You Make It for a Mom Style Remix post today.  Once a month they pick an item to wear and remix and show how we make it work as busy moms (though you don’t have to be a mom to play along!) This month’s theme is Cardigans.  I LOVE cardigans.  They are one of my closet staples for sure. They pretty much go with everything and anything, from dresses to jeans and even leggings.  Here are some ways I’ve styled some of my favorite cardigans!


This pink cardigan I’ve had forever. It came from Target around the holidays a few years back.  I love it, even if Nate calls it my Kimmy Schmidt cardigan (I was even trying to dress like her in the top right picture for a style challenge).  It works great for all seasons, the sparkle sequins on the shoulders is just too much fun.  It’s easily one of the most versatile pieces I own and I’ll be sad when it falls apart.


This mint cardigan is a great piece for spring and summer.  I received it in a Stitch Fix box last summer and wasn’t planning to keep it, but then needed to keep the entire box to get my discount, so I kept it and I’ve been surprised by how much use I have gotten out of it.  I do love mint, so I guess that isn’t much of a surprise. This is a great cardigan to throw on over a dress or tank top for a light layer in the spring and summer.  It isn’t much of a winter piece, but that is ok.  I especially love putting it with something peach, like the peach striped dress above!


This last cardigan is another one from Target.  I love the fun mustard/yellow color and I like that it’s a little bit longer in length.  It feels a bit more fall/winter like, so I won’t probably wear it as much into the summer, but it’s also fairly lightweight, so it is possible that I might find myself reaching for it. Again, it goes with just about anything – blue jeans, colored jeans, etc.

I have many other cardigans I love as well, but if I featured all of them we’d be here all day! Cardigans definitely help complete my outfit and add a layer of warmth, which living in Minnesota is kind of important, so I think my closet full of cardigans is justified!

Be sure to check out Anne and Jenn’s blogs for other mom remixes!


5 thoughts on “Mom Style Remix – Cardigans

  1. I’ve wanted a mustard cardigan for years – just seems so versatile but interesting, as shown in your variety of outfits. Love that cardigans can indeed last in a closet for years thanks to that versatility (and seasonal necessity as previously discussed!).

    Thanks for joining us!

  2. I really need someone to text me tomorrow morning when I’m getting dressed and be like “hey, girl! Wear a cardigan” because every post I’m seeing that is linking up is rocking my world.

  3. You have so many bright, fun cardigans! I love them all, but that mint one you got from Stitch Fix might be my favorite–I love that it has an interesting texture along with the pretty color.

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