Beth Nate

10 Years

I don’t know that I can say much more today that I haven’t already said this week about my wedding. So instead of talking about my wedding, I’m instead going to talk about something else – marriage. Because you know what?  The wedding is ONE day. One day.  Hopefully your marriage is for the rest […]

Beth Nate

Wedding Week

This Friday, Nate and I celebrate 10 years of marriage. And yes we already sort of celebrated with our big anniversary trip in April, but a ten year anniversary deserves more than that. So, sorry not sorry, I’m declaring this wedding week on the blog.  Reflections, memories, old pictures, a special edition of Throwback Thursday journal […]

Throwback Thursday

#TBT Celebrations

Welcome to another thrilling installment of Throwback Thursday.  This week we’ll look at the Halloween and birthday celebrations that B and I shared before things kind of take a nose dive.  But I’m getting ahead of myself! October 20, 1997 Talked to B on the phone tonight (surprise, surprise.) I love talking to him. Our […]


Things I Love Lately

Because we can always use a dose of positive vibes on a Monday, I decided today to bring you another installment of things I love lately. Colourpop Lipstick – Jen turned me on to these lip sticks and they are AMAZING. The price point is not bad, the colors are so fun and they last.  If […]