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#TBT Start of Something New

If you have been following my blog since the old days, I have talked about “B” a bit before.  And I can be honest, he wasn’t the smartest choice I ever made.  But I regret nothing of my past, I learn from it.  Reading these old journal posts even make me smile a little bit, because while it wasn’t the best relationship ever, there were a few fun moments.  Today we’ll kind of start looking at my budding “friendship” with him.

September 9, 1997

Well if D and I had never stopped going out today would’ve been our one year anniversary. Wow, it’s been a year since I’ve had a boyfriend. I decided that I do like B, but I want to get to know him better. I kind of still like RD. So that’s my love life at the moment. Tomorrow is Picture Day. We also get our parts for the musical. I’m really excited. Anyway, that’s all that’s new. I better go! <3 Beth

September 13, 1997

Last night at the football game we honored Tim Bowe. He was a state patrol officer who shot in the line of duty last June. He graduated from Heights. It was a really nice tribute. Anyway, what’s new with me? Lots. Basically the fact that I’ve gone head over feet for B. We’ve talked a lot over the last couple of days.  He seems very sweet. I just don’t know what to do. I hope I’m not reading into things. Cross fingers! Hope! Pray! This could work! <3 Beth

September 19, 1997

Gosh I really like B. I’m beginning to think I’m not reading into things! We talk everyday since we sit by each other in French. He asks me questions, I ask him questions. Here is what I know about him so far: 1. He plays guitar. 2. He has a sister 3. He plays for the Jazz and Dixie bands 4. He’s in French class (well duh) 5. He has the same math and science teachers that I do 6. He’s kind of shy 7. He’s on the bowling team. That’s it so far. Guess what? Mr. Prout is going to let me sing for the jazz band! B is in jazz! This is so cool!! Anyway, that’s my life. Musical rehearsals have started but aren’t too intense yet. I might get a solo in one song. Otherwise I’m a happy chorus member. But I’d better go. <3 Beth

And so it begins.  I remember we’d get free time at the end of French class and he and I would play tic-tac-toe and the Dot/Box game. Next week I’ll talk about Homecoming and how I think that’s kind of when our “relationship” kind of took off.  I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.

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3 thoughts on “#TBT Start of Something New

  1. I remember that game honoring Tim Bowe! I actually think I still have his shirt. I know my parents have the card that was given out at his funeral. I remember going to his funeral because my parents were friends with his parents from Immaculate.

  2. Oh I’m curious to hear about homecoming and what all happens with that! That is cool that you got to sing for your school’s jazz band too. I have to say I’m so jealous that you can sing! I love to sing but have no talent–I can stay on key but that’s about it, ha! So it’s car/shower singing for me only 🙂

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