Taylor Cat – 10 years

It’s kind of a big year if you haven’t already figured that out, with our ten year anniversary next month. We’re also celebrating ten years of home ownership this summer.  But we also have another ten year celebration.  Our Taylor Cat has been living with us for ten years this week! Because she’s my “first baby” I have to dedicate a little post to her.


I moved into our house at the beginning of April 2006.  We were working on buying it, it was Nate’s great aunt’s old house, but to start out we simply rented it.  Nate’s sister was staying there to help clean it out and make it look like someone lived there instead of it being abandoned (Nate’s great aunt hadn’t lived there since September at this point) so we lived together for the two months before my wedding. Nate and I talked about adopting a cat after the wedding.  We both grew up with cats and neither of us wanted to take our family cats away from the only homes they’d ever known, so we thought, let’s adopt a cat together. In my free time (which let’s face it, I was a youth minister at the time, I had a lot of free time) I found myself on the website Petfinder.  And I found a foster agency that had Taylor. And I fell in love.


Nate’s sister and I were babysitting his family cat while his parents were having some painting done at their house and I realized I didn’t want to wait until after our wedding to adopt a cat. So I told Nate about Taylor.  We saw they would be having an adoption event at a Petco near us and agreed to go look at her. The day of the event, Nate ended up working on his car and it took longer than he thought.  I called him and I remember he was not in a very good mood and we may have had words on the phone. In anger, I may have found myself driving to Petco.  And I met Taylor. And I signed papers for her. They were treating her for an eye infection so I had to wait a few days to take her home, so it gave me time to ask forgiveness of Nate, ha!


Of course he was fine with it and soon she came home to live with us. Nate moved into the house the week before the wedding and I went to stay at my parents for that week and Taylor pretty much fell in love with him.  He is 100% her Human. She loves me, but she loves him more. And I’m ok with that.


She is a little neurotic and within the first summer she was with us we learned she maybe was taken from her mother too soon, she sometimes will urinate outside of her litter box.  We’ve had her checked at the vet and she’s healthy.  She does it if she’s angry or if she feels her box isn’t clean enough.  And we love her, so we put up with it.  We have some great pet stain removers and thankfully it isn’t an every day occurrence.


She is such a cuddle bug, we call her our muffin cat, because she will just curl up into this ball of fur.  She will lick you as a sign of affection. When Nate was out of work for eight months in 2008, she got very used to him being around.  When he went back to work, we found out some friends of ours were fostering a kitten and we thought, maybe we should get Taylor a friend so she won’t be lonely.  That kitten would turn out to be Pippin. And it wasn’t all sunshine and roses at first, in fact, the first time Taylor saw Pippin, she threw up.  But we worked at it and we got them to be friends – or at least tolerate each other.  I was so happy when they started cuddling together! Now we find them sleeping together quite often, especially in the winter.


The next hump I worried about was after we were pregnant with Ollie.  I wasn’t sure how Taylor would react, she was the “first born” and already had to put up with the edition of Pippin, how would she feel about a human baby?  We read up on what to do when we came home from the hospital and all of that and she surprised me.  She honestly did so well with him.  They became instant friends.

Ollie and Taylor

She wants to be near him.  She puts up with SO much from him.  I think she realized he could be a better playmate than Pippin.  He’ll play in boxes with her, he’ll throw toys for her.  He loves to help feed and give her and Pippin treats.  She is his kitty.


She has brought us so much joy over these years.  I feel she’s in pretty good health so I think she’ll still be around for quite some time to come.  She’s got a lot of spunk and energy still even if she’s getting up there a bit in age.  We love you Taylor cat!  Happy Cat-i-versary!!

5 thoughts on “Taylor Cat – 10 years

  1. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since you’ve had her! I find it funny and love it that she loves to play in my hair and try to eat it when I’m over at your place. Heck she even puts up with Steve doing the kitty dance with Taylor. She’s such a good cat!

  2. Aw what a sweet post! It’s really amazing how attached we get to our pets–they are our other children for sure! I love all these sweet photos–especially the ones with Ollie and Taylor Cat. Happy birthday to that special kitty!

  3. Aww, how sweet. Taylor is adorable and reminds me of a cat I had when I was a kid, named Precious. I should do a post about our dog, Ellie, as she was my first baby too. These pets are so patient to put up with our changing lives and new additions! I’m so glad that Taylor loves Ollie 🙂

  4. This is so sweet!! I literally laughed out loud at her throwing up over Pippin. You are a good mom all around and she’s so lucky to be part of your family!!

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