Reflecting on the Purple One

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I feel compelled to write a little something about the passing of musical genius Prince. I know a lot of people have already done so and maybe everyone is getting tired of talking about it. But this is significant for many reasons. Now I’m not saying I was such a huge fan that I go deep on his tracks or anything like that.  I pretty much just love his 80’s to early 90’s stuff that got radio play.  I never saw him live.  So I’m just a casual fan. But it still kind of hit me when he died last week. You see, he was a Minnesotan. I’m a Minnesotan.  So I guess it might feel to the rest of the world that we lost a talented celebrity, but to us here in Minnesota, we lost a neighbor.  We lost one of our own. He may have traveled the world, but this was his home.  He lived and worked here. And it’s just strange to think of a world  – and a Minnesota – without him in it.

I was fortunate enough the other night to have a chance to participate in some of the memorial stuff.  I had tickets to Amy Schumer at the Target Center, which is directly across the street from First Avenue (heavily featured in the movie Purple Rain if you aren’t from here) and folks were gathering there to pay respects.  An impromptu block party took place and right after Amy Schumer ended we walked out the doors from the Target Center right into the thick of it. A band was playing Purple Rain and everyone on the street was singing along. The vibe was peaceful and celebratory.  It was really neat to be part of it.


I have a funny Prince story as well.  Back in Nate’s temping days, he had a job at a pretty big company here in MN (that has since gone under) and they did a lot of different kind of work, and this company was working on a campaign with Prince.  Nate came home from work one day and we’re making the usual small talk about how our days were going over dinner and he says “I fixed this one person’s computer, I had a hamburger for lunch and I worked on some wiring in a room where they were doing some photographs of Prince.” And I go “you mean Prince, Prince?” And he says “yeah, artist formerly known as, that Prince.” And I say “Did you talk to him?” And Nate’s like, “no, but I had a pretty good view of him.” And I’m sitting here all star struck and I’m like “so what was he like”” And Nate’s like, “well he’s shorter than I thought he was.” And that was pretty much it. I’m geeking out and my husband just thought nothing of it, it was another day at the office!

Life will go on.  It always does after the great ones leave us. And it’s a good reminder to appreciate each day, because we never know when it’ll be our “party over, oops out of time.” So let’s party each day like it’s 1999.

5 thoughts on “Reflecting on the Purple One

  1. I loved this Beth and your story about Nate… that’s too funny. I was only a “casual fan” of Prince’s too, but his music always made me happy and made me want to dance. He was truly talented. That tribute party sounds pretty amazing and memorable, I’m glad you got to be a part of it!

  2. I’m of an age where Prince wasn’t on my list of greats, but having sat through Purple Rain a few times and not spared from hard reality, I do feel for the guy. Flawed humans are much more to my liking. Come to think of it, there are no other kind.

  3. Love it! I think it will be very interesting to see which memorials stand the test of time, I heard someone say that paisley park could be our generation’s graceland…which could be very fun!

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