The Circle – A Letter to My Future Self

This month’s topic for The Circle hosted by Kiki at In It’s Time is a challenging one – a letter to yourself in 10 years. I have done the “letter to your past self” type challenge before, but never one to a future me. I am up to the challenge though!  So here we go, a letter to 44 year old me from 34 year old me.

Dear 44 Year Old Beth,

Hi!  It’s you at 34 reaching out to say hello.  I’m not really sure what to say, I would hope that given you are ten years older than me right now that you would have wisdom to pass back to me, not the other way around! How are you enjoying Ollie as a pre-teen? I hope he is a good kid.  I hope he is doing well in school.  He’s a pretty smart toddler, so I am guessing he’ll be doing pretty great. Are you still working for the City?  As of this letter you haven’t quite been in your job a year yet.  It had a bit of a tough start, but it’s pretty good now, so I am thinking it’s possible I’ll still be there.  If you aren’t, I hope you found something else for work that is worth your time.  Or heck, maybe you’ve won the lottery and you’re sitting on a beach somewhere, reading this and laughing. Speaking of beaches, you recall the trip you took to Negril, Jamaica?  Do you remember laughing with Nate about a family of three you swore could be you in ten years? The 40 something couple who appeared to have a 12 year old boy? I hope you are like them.  I hope you travel together and spend time with Ollie and play cards as a family the way we saw them doing that. I hope you are singing somewhere again. As of this moment I’m beginning to miss it and am planning to be doing something by this fall, so I hope that if I do, I keep it up and am doing it in some format in ten years as well. I hope that you and Nate are still making it a priority to date each other.  It has been the best thing for your marriage to set aside a day of the week for just you.  I’m guessing this will get more difficult as Ollie gets older, but try your best to stick with it. You are both pretty smart, so I’m guessing you’ll figure out how to fit that time in and around Ollie’s schedule! Also, at 34 you have some wonderful and amazing people in your life, people you can’t imagine living without, so I hope you clung tight to them over the years.  I know that as much as we want things to stay the same, sometimes they do change, it’s part of life, but hopefully these people will be with you.  I hope that you and your family are healthy.  If you’re ten years older, that means your friends and loved ones are 10 years older too, but I hope they are all in good health. Most of all, I hope you are happy.  34 year old you is quite happy these days.  She knows that hard times can come and not every day will be rosy, but she hopes you are as content and happy overall in ten years as we are right now. And if you aren’t, try to look back on memories of yourself at 34, maybe it’ll help cheer you up.  All the love to you and no offense, hope the time until I see you goes kind of slow, I want to enjoy where I’m at for just a little longer.  See you in ten years!

Love, 34 Year Old Beth


6 thoughts on “The Circle – A Letter to My Future Self

  1. I loved this Beth! I kind of forgot about the Circle this month but I definitely can’t wait to check out others’ letters too. I love that you saw a little vision of your family in 10 years on your trip in that other family that you saw, how cool. I wonder if we’ll still be blogging 10 years from now… it’s kind of hard to imagine!!

  2. i love that you shared some memories b/c you definitely want to always remember the special ones! 🙂 AND love your sentiments towards the end… it’s fun to dream about what the future holds but also so important to live in the present & enjoy the moments we have now! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful letter! I love that you included little bits and pieces of life in the present and how you wonder if and how life has changed–and that change is often inevitable but not necessarily a bad thing. I need to remind myself of that every day!

    I also love what you said about being happy. I hope you are and will be in ten years, too! 🙂

  4. I love this! Isn’t it crazy how many things can happen in 10 years that we have NO IDEA of? So many uncertainties, but so many possibilities too.

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