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Thanks to fellow blogger Shea, I discovered a monthly link up that sound like a ton of fun – $10 at Target. One of the bloggers who created this challenge talks about how she broke up with one of the subscription boxes she used to get and felt she could put her $10 to far better use at Target.  I can relate to that!  It’s almost too easy to spend $10 at Target, but I suffered for the cause (ha.)  Here are the items I bought.


I saw this adorable sign in the Bullseye Playground spot at the front of the store and I knew I had to have it.  It’s so appropriate for our house!  And it was only $3 and doesn’t require a frame.  Best home decor! I can’t wait to hang this up!


I’ve been wanting a wristband for my phone for when I go for a walk or a run.  I have a lot of good music on my iPhone so I want to have the ability to listen to it, but the only downside of my giant 6 plus is that it isn’t that easy to carry it.  I decided to give this $5 one a try – it might not work out, but it’s a low investment to at least give it a try!


I’m addicted to lip balm and lip stick and I’m addicted to e.l.f. cosmetics.  When I saw these new lip balms I decided I needed one and it was just under $2, so I knew I wouldn’t blow my $10 budget on it. This color is a nice neutral shade and will be great for summer!


So there you go.  Three things, two of which I really didn’t truly need, but don’t feel too bad for buying given the low price of them! If you had to spend $10 at Target, what would you buy? And check out the other bloggers over at this link!

9 thoughts on “$10 Target Link Up

  1. I love Target and there are so many cute things in Bullseye Playground! Not good for me when I get to stare at it for 6 hours when I work Guest Services! LOL

  2. Oh yay, I’m glad you joined in! I saw that sign when I was at Target too and thought it was too cute–I’m glad you got it! You’ll have to let us know about the armband too. I almost bought a phone case but was skeptical of the quality too.

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