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MN to Jamaica Part Three

Our week certainly flew by quickly.  On Friday we decided to venture off the resort again and in fact we went pretty far, almost two hours away, to the Appleton Rum Distillery. Our cab driver was fantastic that day, he stayed at the distillery the whole time we were there so he’d be there for us whenever we were done.  We had a blast touring the facility.  Because we brew beer we’re always interested in the process of how various alcohols are made.  Ollie loved touring the facility because there were animals (peacocks and a donkey) and lots of room to run around – and naturally he charmed everyone on staff, much the way he did at our hotel too.  Jamaicans are so kind to children, it was very sweet.


Ollie took a nice nap on the way back and then we just kind of bummed around our room a bit before grabbing dinner back at the main restaurant again. It was very cute too, I watched a wedding from our room that evening as well.  There was another one on Saturday.  The beach provided a great backdrop, that’s for sure!


Saturday was sadly our last full day and we decided to keep it simple with a final pool/beach day. We were mostly in the pool, I think Ollie was getting a little tired of the sand. Nate and I enjoyed a little relaxing time while Ollie napped that day and took a couple of pictures together.  We even swam some more after Ollie’s nap.  It was the only day we more or less stayed in our swimsuits all day. In the evening, we dressed up a little even though we were just going to the regular restaurant again, figured it was our last night, so might as well look nice!

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Sunday we got up early and packed and well, panicked just a little as we hadn’t figured out our transport to the airport quite yet.  There was just some mild miscommunication, but we managed to figure it out in plenty of time.  We had a final breakfast and left our tropical paradise behind. We had a very long day of travel ahead and it was the only day Ollie didn’t nap at all, but we survived.  It was tough to come home, but I was so happy to see Minnesota when we landed, even if it was a little chilly here!


Overall it was a great week.  I would do an all-inclusive resort again in a heartbeat.  I would definitely go to Jamaica again, but I’m not necessarily in a hurry to do it.  There are many other places we would like to travel and I think this has opened our eyes to the possibilities of doing so.  Also, many folks we talked to were pretty surprised we were bringing Ollie on our anniversary trip – and I don’t judge parents who travel without their kids, I get it, but for us, we wanted to include him.  He is part of who we are as a married couple at this point, we are a family.  We don’t get enough time with him with work and all of that, so the idea of being away for a whole week just wasn’t going to work for me. Again, I don’t judge anyone who does it though!  I was nervous about how it would go for him, but he did great.  Like I said, he charmed everyone he met, and everyone we came across were so sweet and kind to him. He may never remember this trip, but I will and it will always be something I will cherish the memories of.


And now we’re well settled back into reality and daily life.  It really didn’t take long to transition back to our routine.  I can hardly believe a week ago we were still there! No major travel plans on the horizon for now, save for maybe a brief weekend outing to Duluth for All Pints North this summer.  But that could always change, you never know.  Might need to win the lottery first though! I’ll leave you with one last view of the beautiful sunsets we were treated to each night.  They will last in my mind for a long time to come I think!


4 thoughts on “MN to Jamaica Part Three

  1. Those views!! So so gorgeous–and how cool that you got to see weddings going on from your room! The distillery sounds like an awesome place to visit too. I love that you had such a mix of relaxing/exploring activities, that is what I want from a vacation. I think it’s great that you took Ollie with you. I don’t know what we would do if we went on a “big” vacation–it probably won’t happen for a few years, but I think there are pros and cons either way. Either way it would be a blast, kid or no kid!

  2. These photos are great. The last days of vacation are always so sad–trying to fit everything in before you leave–but I find that the relaxing and easy peasy route is usually best. Thanks for sharing all of these great photos with us!

  3. Oh I could get used to those views! So gorgeous! I’m so glad that you guys had fun on your trip! And you know what – good for you for taking Ollie. Like you said, he is a part of you guys and you wanted him to be with you on your trip to celebrate your marriage. Can’t wait to hear more about the trip when we get together!

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