Back in the USA

Hello!  I have returned home from my trip and am adjusting to normal life again.  I will be sharing all of our Jamaica adventures over a couple of posts, but right now I’m just trying to jump back into work and life at home and all of that.   We had a wonderful time and beautiful weather.  I can tell you that they really do say “Yeah mon” after everything there.  Everything is SO colorful.  Everyone seems to have goats in their yard.  We had some great food and drink and lots of sand and sun!  But like I said, I’ll get more recap type posts up later.  For now, I’ll leave you a teaser picture.


I’m already missing this view!  What’s new with you?

4 thoughts on “Back in the USA

  1. What a gorgeous view!! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! Makes me excited for when Steve and I can hopefully go on a trip like that.

  2. Oh wow, just that picture alone makes me want to get on a plane right now. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Good luck getting back into the “normal” routine 🙂

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