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#TBT Bye Mickey

Welcome to Throwback Thursday.  I was going to move ahead into summer today, but I decided to share some posts that kind of wrap up the Mickey relationship a bit. Nothing terribly exciting here.  The first post is for my fellow Throwback Thursday buddy Laura, thought you’d appreciate this one – did you know Mmmbop is a really good song?

May 3, 1997

I thought Sara was going to call and her and I were going to go to the mall today, but we didn’t.  I wanted to look for the new group Hanson’s CD. They are three brothers and they’re soooo cute. Their song is called Mmmbop and it’s number 9 on the top ten countdown right now. I’m also really obsessed with D.C. Talk as far as music goes right now. But I suppose I should go. Bye! <3 Beth

May 9, 1997

I lettered in drama!  Yay!  Tomorrow I’m going to help paint a mural in the costume shop backstage at school. I went shopping and got Hanson’s CD, a new dress and shoes for the choir concert and a Bert/Ernie shirt. Cool.  Busy week coming up. Choir concert Monday. Samba practice Tues-Wed-Thurs and Band/Choir picnic on Friday. Oh fun. I start driver’s ed the first week school gets out. What a way to start vacation. Oh well.  A month ago I was still on the band trip! Time flies. Mickey’s been nicer lately. But I gotta go. <3 Me

May 10, 1997

I helped paint the costume shop at school today. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We might go shopping. I still like Mickey. Lots. I wish the feeling was mutual. Oh well. Better go. <3 Me

May 24, 1997

Hello! What’s new? Not a lot here except for the fact that I asked Mickey to come see the Lion King with us when we go this summer. I gave him a note yesterday, so I’m waiting on an answer.  But it’s Memorial Day weekend and I think he went out of town. Better go though. <3 Beth

May 27, 1997

Still waiting on an answer. I’ll wait a few more days and then send in my spies (D, Jessica and Jenni). We got our yearbooks today! They’re awesome!  I’ll have to get Mickey to sign mine.  Rubber Ducky too. Well I better go. Bye! <3 Me

June 2, 1997

Not a good day.  Mickey fricking said no.  He’s been waiting all this time just to tell me no. It as a dumb idea to begin with. I give up.  I’m off guys. They suck. So there. Plus, my stupid orthodontist is making me wear more rubber bands with my braces and they hurt like hell. Today sucked. Thank god there’s only 3 days left of school.

And I’ll end on that happy note, ha!  This pretty much concluded the Mickey saga. Next week I’ll launch into my “Girl Power” infused posts and then I’ll start diving into my sophomore year – it was a big one, we will be getting to the point where I got together with Nate, but there will be another saga before that.  Because as I always say, like sands in the hour glass, these were the days of my life!

Stop by Laura’s blog at One Girl, Two Cities to see what other songs were hits of the 90s, she kept good tabs on those things!

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