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Plant Nite

As I mentioned in my Easter weekend report, I had a chance to go to a Plant Nite event on Sunday with Jen.  It’s a newer thing here in the Twin Cities, put on by the same people who do Paint Nite.  At Plant Nite, you get to plant a terrarium – so much easier than painting in my opinion!

This event was held at the Wilde Roast Cafe in Minneapolis.  They had an entire room set aside for our group.  All of the supplies were provided.  Of course, we had to grab a drink from the bar first!


As you can see, we’re also rocking lovely green aprons.  It did get a little messy at times, so I was glad to have something to protect my clothing!  Our instructor started off the evening explaining what would take place and then got us fired up with some upbeat music.  The first step was to fill the bottom of our box with a light layer of rock, this helps with drainage.


After the rock layer, we added a layer of moss, also to help with drainage and for general plant health.


After that we filled up the box almost to the top with dirt.  You need to leave space toward the top for decorative rocks and such.


After the dirt was added, we got to pick out our succulents.  I found three that I liked, it was recommended to do a larger one and a couple of smaller ones.  I found one with some colorful tips that I liked and I also found a fuzzy one.


After we planted the plants we took a little break before coming back for the really fun part – adding some decoration.  We had choices of colorful rocks to add in over the dirt and also some fun colored moss.  We also got to pick a little dinosaur to live in our little garden as well.  I chose an orange pterodactyl.

plant 6

I was pretty happy with the end result!  Jen’s turned out very cute as well.  So much color and happiness for spring!

plant 7

It’s recommended you keep your plants somewhere where they can get 8-10 hours of sunlight.  I have a great window ledge in my office at work, so I brought my plants to live there, they’ll get lots of sun and seeing them during the day makes me happy!  I would definitely do another Plant Nite event, it’s definitely fun and easy and kind of stress relieving! It was a great break for a couple of busy mamas, that’s for sure!

5 thoughts on “Plant Nite

  1. Love it! A friend of mine suggested this, but none of the dates/times really worked for me. I wish my office/apartment got enough sun to maintain a succulent!

  2. Oh this sounds like a blast! What a creative idea too, I would love to do something like this. Although knowing my black thumb those little plants would just shrivel and die on contact… ha!

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