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Easter and Chill

We had a pretty low key Easter weekend this year.  With our trip approaching fast it just made sense to keep it laid back. And honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Friday we were going to have something at home for dinner, but we had both had fairly long days so we risked the toddler witching hour and headed out to a little brewpub not far from our house that we hadn’t been to in awhile. Ollie actually did pretty well, especially given that we ended up eating almost an hour after he’s used to. Then we came home, he went to bed and Nate and I watched one of my all time favorite movies, Waiting for Guffman, because we just needed something mindless!

Saturday we all ended up getting up kind of early, so we took advantage of it and got some trip shopping (and um, last minute Easter Bunny shopping) done at Target first thing and then decided to spend some time over at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  We haven’t tried the Science Museum in about a year, and Ollie definitely enjoyed it more this time than the last time!

IMG_8869 IMG_8872

We stopped at Brasa for lunch and then enjoyed a low key afternoon and evening at home.  Nate grilled us some delicious pork chops for dinner and made some homemade broccoli au gratin.  We watched an indie movie that was kind of cute called Just Add Water.  Because of our early morning, we headed for bed pretty early as well.

Sunday I got up and went to church while the boys stayed home and hung out.  I want to start taking Ollie to church more this summer, but for now just wanted to be able to pay attention and enjoy the mass, so it was better to have him stay home. After I got home, we gave him his Easter basket which he loved.


We kept it small scale because we want to get him a goodie bag for the plane, so we figured best not to go overboard.  And also, he’s not big on sweets, so we didn’t want to do a lot of candy. We got him some lollipops (which he calls “plumbs”), a new book, a toy UPS truck (he gets super excited when he sees them in the neighborhood) and a couple of applesauce pouches. He loved all of it.


He and I got a quick picture together before I changed out of my church attire to head over to my parents house for brunch.  We enjoyed a delicious brunch together and Ollie played for a bit, then we came back home and he napped while Nate and I played some cribbage.  In the evening we met up with my in-laws for a little bit and then I went to a Plant Nite with Jen, but there will be more about that in another post!

Overall it was just a nice, chill weekend and I’m kind of glad, I think we needed that as we’re getting super close to leaving for our vacation! How was your Easter?

4 thoughts on “Easter and Chill

  1. I just love weekends like that! And you make me want to take Reilly to the children’s museum! So fun! I am glad that you guys enjoyed your Easter. This year Reilly was actually starting to get into it so it was super fun!

  2. I love low key weekends like that, they’re pretty perfect. That UPS truck you got Ollie is adorable, Jona would love that. The toy we got him is a Spiderman figurine–he has this tiny “Jake” figurine that he carries everywhere, so we decided to try a bigger (aka harder to lose) kind and it was a hit! I’m glad you had a good Easter!

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