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Flashback Friday – Freshman Fun

It’s Flashback Friday today!  I didn’t get my act together in time to have a Throwback Thursday post up yesterday.  It’s almost appropriate to be posting today instead though.  Tonight, Laura from One Girl, Two Cities will be reading her journals live on stage for the show Mortified!  I’ll be in the audience supporting her and I’m super excited! I give her mad props, I don’t think I could read my old stuff in front of people; it’s honestly hard enough sharing it here sometimes!  Anyway, today I’m diving into a new journal.  It was a fairly plain looking journal, though I dressed up the inside a little bit. And no lock and key this time!


Here are a couple of posts from early 1997.

January 2nd, 1997

Well here we are. Another year, another diary.  My last diary lasted me almost 5 years, but who cares.  About me: My name is Beth Ann Gilles.  I’m 15 years old. I have a cat named Cleo. No sisters or brothers. I’m a 9th grader.  I have lots of cousins.  My best friends are Sara, Jenni and Amber. I play the flute and I sing. I have crushes on three guys, Telly, Rubber Ducky and Kermit. I had a boyfriend who is now my friend.  That’s all for now. I will tell you more later because that’s your job.  Listening to me babble. I promise to write often. But I gotta go for now. See ya. <3 Beth

January 3rd, 1997

Tonight I played pep band at a basketball game. I’m sorry to say we lost. Kermit and Telly were there.  Big Bird and Rubber Ducky were not. I had set crew for “The Whole Shebang” the one act play we’re doing. It was kind of fun.  I also had all my yearbook pictures today. I hope next week I find out if I made it into swing choir or not.  I really hope I do.  Oh I didn’t mention, I have braces and have since Sept 11, 1995 and I also wear glasses. Four eyed and metal mouthed, that’s me. Kermit looked really cute today.  I’ll have to talk to him in science class, especially since we share a table! I think Big Bird may be finally coming around too, but that’s a long story. Gotta go. <3 Always, Beth

January 14, 1997

Hello!  Fun day today! We had pep band for hockey. On the way there I sat behind Big Bird. We talked. At the game, he and I talked a little bit. I hung out with Steph. Then on the way home I sat in front of Big Bird. We talked and the whole bus sang stupid songs. Very memorable night. I gave my informative speech in English today. Kermit had to evaluate me.  He has neat writing. But I suppose I should go.  I’m really getting boy crazy!! <3 Beth

Oh so much to love here.  I love how I am introducing myself to my journal like it’s an actual person.  And still so boy crazy – another person introduced, that I forgot I even liked for a time.  I know it was short lived because it didn’t get real far and I don’t talk about him much after this looking ahead. And if you’ve been following these posts for a while, you’ll notice I seriously can’t quit Big Bird.  Again, I don’t remember this very well.  Next week I’ll move forward just a little bit and talk about what I’ll dub the Sadie Hawkins Fiasco of 1997, it was a gem, let me tell you.

Make sure to check out Laura’s TBT post from yesterday and send her good vibes for her show tonight!

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  1. I love your Winnie the Pooh stickers!!! And of course the introduction – you are so considerate of your fans. 🙂 Looking forward to the Sadie Hawkins Fiasco of 1997!

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