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I mentioned last week I would do a post with my thoughts on Fuller House.  I haven’t finished the series yet, but I’m going to still kind of do a little review and I’ll apologize in advance for spoilers, but seeing as the entire series is out there and I’m not the first one to write about it, I know there are spoilers abound everywhere, so sorry, not sorry.

I was a late 80’s/90’s kid.  Full House was my holy grail.  Every Friday night I looked forward to watching TGIF on ABC.  I was so disappointed when they moved to Tuesday nights because I had religion classes at church, so gasp, I had to video record the episodes (before we had things like streaming and all that jazz, remember what that was like?).  I was the exact same age as Stephanie, so I related to her most.  I looked up to DJ.  I found Michelle to be the annoying younger sister.  But these were my people, week in and week out until the show went off the air.  And then it came back in syndication and I saw every episode more times than I could count. I even used to coerce Nate into watching it on Nick at Nite with me even though he hated it.  So, yeah, I was pretty much a big fan, even as I got older and realized just how cheesy it was.

When I heard that they were reviving the show on Netflix, I had two thoughts.  One – this is the greatest thing ever, but I hope it’s done well.  Two – can they really make this work for an entire series?  Would a movie be better?  I knew no matter what I would be at least watching an episode or two to see what it was all about.  The more clips they released and trailers and what not, the more excited I got – it actually looked like it had the potential to be done well.

As fate would have it, I was home with a sick Ollie the day it was released on Netflix, so while he napped, I wasted no time watching the first episode.  And the second, third and fourth. The first episode gets a lot of flack for being over the top and trying too hard, but I’ll be honest, it’s my favorite I’ve seen.  This is the episode made for the fans like me.  This is the one packed with nostalgia, the one that makes you feel like you’re coming home. I thought everyone was pretty much perfectly in character, though I’ll agree with other reviews I’ve read that Bob Saget sounds bored and tired. This one explains well what everyone has been doing the last 29 years.  There are plenty of throwback references to old shows.  And yes, I fully admit to tearing up when they started singing “Forever.” But of course, this episode is meant to set up the new series, so while there is plenty of throwback fun, they do set the stage pretty well for where it’s going, with Stephanie and Kimmy moving in to help DJ raise her children and Danny giving her the house.

The next episodes are clean, family fun that Full House is known for.  There are some references to the old days, but now we’re kind of getting to know where these characters are at in their lives now.  And we’re getting to know the new generation as well, but again, if I’m being totally honest, I’m not that interested in the children.  I watch this show to see what the kids I grew up with are doing now.  And I will say, I’m kind of stuck about halfway into the series and I’m starting to kind of get bored.  I plan on finishing it out, but I’m not binge watching it as fast as I thought I would be.  I think maybe I would have been happy with more of a reunion style movie that built on that first episode, because again, I care more about the old characters than the new ones. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I finish the whole thing. And then I’ll decide if season two is worth a watch or not.

So those are my thoughts.  I’m excited for another Netflix revival coming soon, Gilmore Girls. I think they may excel a bit more than Fuller House because they are only doing four mini-series style episodes and maybe that’s enough to just catch us up with these people a few years into the future.  I almost wonder if that would have been a better idea for Fuller House.  Either way I’ll be curious to see how that show plays out as a revival.

Have you watched Fuller House?  What did you think?

6 thoughts on “Fuller House Thoughts

  1. I have finished watching Fuller House over the weekend. I thought it was good. I do agree with you though that I really liked the first episode (even if it was a little over the top cheesy). I feel like Fuller House has more adult humor in it. I’m intrigued to watch the second season, but I don’t know how long it will last honestly.

  2. I loved fuller house and love that its still cheesy and over the top! I watched it through once and have already started a second go around, its great background noise when i’m cooking or doing homework.

  3. I haven’t watched this yet, but with all the talk about it I feel like I should! I did love Full House as a kid, but for some reason I just haven’t gotten excited about the reunion. BUT I will be excited for the Gilmore Girls one!

  4. I binge watched the whole thing while I was sick. I did get a bit stuck, too, but there wasn’t anything else light enough on Netflix to watch with a sinus headache. I got a little too emotionally invested in the last episode 🙂

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