The new blog I talked about yesterday is now live – North Star Unicorn! We’re very proud of it and excited about it – it came together pretty fast all things considered.  Yes there are hundreds of mommy blogs out there, so I’m sure you might be scratching your head going “why do you think there needs to be one more?” We still feel we have a unique voice and stories to share and we’re hoping to share other moms stories as well.  There is much more about the blog and what it is all about over on our introduction post, so please check it out and give us some likes around social media land if you are so inclined.


And as I said yesterday, my own blog isn’t going anywhere, I’ve come too far and it means too much to me to abandon it!  This is just something I’m doing on the side! Thanks to everyone for their support, it means the world to Jen and I!

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  1. Got it covered on the social media front! 🙂 I also added the blog to my blog list. I’m so excited for you and Jen! You two are rock stars and I think that this is totally awesome that you guys started this.

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