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#TBT Guys and Dolls Days

It’s Throwback Thursday journal time again!  Most of these posts are just innocent, normal teenage stuff from my freshman year, mostly during the days of rehearsing for my first musical, Guys and Dolls.  I loved being involved in the drama program in high school; it is probably the only thing I ever miss about high school.  Otherwise I wouldn’t go back for anything!

November 2, 1996

Lots to write tonight! I’ll start with yesterday and go all the way up through today. Yesterday morning I gave Telly his birthday card. He also told D he knows I like him and that he only likes me as a friend. At first I was bummed, but in gym and band he was really watching me and we talked a bit. I realized I can’t give up without a fight. Then last night to this morning was the band lock-in. One word can sum it up: awesome. I talked to Telly a bit (he was so cute!), everyone was playing games, but here’s something interesting – Big Bird (formerly known as “E” from my past posts) was talking to me (flirting?) and acting like we were friends. Whoa. See when we were swimming, Big Bird asked me if me and Laura and Steph wanted to play water volleyball with him and the guys. We got our butts whipped but it was so fun. Big Bird kept squirting me with a little squirty toy. Soon after that I got out of the pool and went back and found out some people were watching Braveheart, so I went and got my pillow and sleeping bag and watched it with Telly and a bunch of other guys. We did that until 5:00 am.  I slept a total of 5 minutes. Then I went to the gym and watched all the guys play volleyball while talking to Big Bird.  Then I left at 7 and came back at 9:00 for musical rehearsal.  Telly kept talking to me. I’m hoping that now that he knows I like him he’ll change his mind and ask me out.  Though I’ll admit, if Big Bird asked me I might say yes to him too.  So it’s been a really cool, long, interesting, something over 24 hours. And now I’m finally going to bed. <3 Me

November 9, 1996

We had another musical practice today. Telly was back after being sick.  He still sounded hoarse, but he’s getting better. During our lunch hour he and I sort of flirted.  He had some of my chicken fried rice and we sang Heart and Soul to each other, but in a joking way.  And we just talked a bunch. He’s so cute and I was glad he was back. Good day. <3 Me

November 15, 1996

Guy dilemmas continue.  I still like Telly and Big Bird but now I kind of like Rubber Ducky too.  Telly and BB are so cute. Telly and Rubber Ducky are just so sweet. Only problem with Telly is, he’s gotten kind of boring. I think he’s tired and stressed out.  Hopefully that will change because I’m hoping Santa brings me a boyfriend for Christmas this year. I deserve one, I’ve been a good girl this year! Oh well. Better go. Maybe something will happen at play practice tomorrow. <3 Me

November 24, 1996

Well it’s over.  Two months of long hard work is over.  I’m talking about the musical of course. Thursday was the best day Telly-wise (we talked a lot). Friday was the best day performance-wise.  Saturday wasn’t terribly exciting. It was so fun, but I’m so glad it’s over! Tomorrow is my birthday so I’ll write more then. <3 Me

See?  Pretty innocent teenage girl stuff.  More boy craziness. Apparently I just couldn’t quit E.  I have no idea why I gave him the “Big Bird” nickname either.  I didn’t write much about it in my journal, but I seriously loved performing in Guys and Dolls.  I played one of the Hot Box Dancers and the memory that sticks out the most to me is the song “Take Back Your Mink” that involved stripping on stage. Yep, you heard me.  Our director had the entire cast sit in the audience at the first dress rehearsal and told them to catcall us.  Of course we couldn’t stop laughing, but after a couple of times through we could do it with a straight face and were very prepared for the actual performance.  Anyway, I just have the best memories of those days, but I’m getting a kick out of what I chose to actually write about during that time!

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2 thoughts on “#TBT Guys and Dolls Days

  1. Love these posts! I really like the one where you said you hoped Santa brings you a boyfriend because you’ve been a good girl. 🙂 I remember that musical – that was before I was involved with them, but I loved that one too!

  2. I was cracking up over your request to Santa to bring you a boyfriend this year! Too funny. Telly vs. Big Bird… who will win, and now with Rubber Ducky in the mix it’s a mystery! The musical sounds like a lot of fun too. I didn’t do musicals in high school (not much of a singer here), but I did do Forensics and a 1-act play and LOVED doing those!

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