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Valentine/Weekend Recap

You know something awesome?  Three day weekends.  What’s even more awesome?  Three day weekends that fall around a holiday, even a cheesy one like Valentine’s Day.  I actually like Valentine’s Day though, I’m all for celebrating love in all forms and of course, every holiday is more fun with children involved!

The weekend started with a bang, seeing Newsies the Musical with a bunch of awesome ladies.  We didn’t even realize that it was kind of a Galentine’s Day celebration!  We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in NE Minneapolis – Eli’s East and then headed to the theatre.  The show was awesome – these young boys can DANCE.

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It was a bit of a late night for this mama, especially when I had to get up early and get ready for my Thirty One launch party – yep, more on that at some point, but I’m a consultant now.  I’m just too addicted to the stuff. Anyway, it was a successful little launch.  I was sad to miss a Tweet Up with the TC Talk folks over in St. Paul at a really cool brewery, but I was pretty wiped and in need of some introvert time, so Saturday afternoon I totally vegged with Nate and then had dinner with both of my boys at a local pizza joint.  We watched a movie on Saturday night after Ollie went to bed.

Sunday we celebrated a little Valentine’s Day as a family, had some Caribou and then made a little brunch at home.  We got Ollie a few new cars and of course he was in heaven.


Sunday night Ollie enjoyed a date with his Auntie while Nate and I got to enjoy a date at one of our favorite little Italian joints – The Butcher Block. We had a fantastic dinner, it was very enjoyable.  We brought some dessert home and enjoyed our traditional dessert and scotch.

Monday I was off of work – yay City jobs and being closed for President’s Day! In the morning I took care of some adulting stuff and Ollie hung out with my mom.  Then I came back for lunch and brought Ollie home for his nap.  While he napped, I decided to watch Newsies the movie as it’s been years and I wanted to compare the stage show to the movie.  There are quite a few differences, but I love both versions!  When Ollie got up from his nap I gave him some choices of things we could do.  He ended up agreeing to help me make cookies.  It was messy, but a ton of fun.


Nate came home and hung out with Ollie and I went and had a manicure with my friend Gina from the birthday gift she gave me.  We had gel manicures done and I am in love.  I don’t know if I’ll ever use regular polish again!

Overall it was a wonderful weekend filled with love and good times.  I am kind of glad things are calming down a bit for the rest of the month though, that was a lot of activity for one long weekend!

4 thoughts on “Valentine/Weekend Recap

  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I loved Friday night and I can’t wait to do something like that again! I also really enjoyed last night – I feel like I keep looking at my nails during the day…LOL.

  2. Yes yes yes to all of this! I am not a Valentine’s Day girl but I do love three day weekends. Up until my current job, I had never had President’s Day off. It was really nice! Ollie looks so adorable and grown up in these!

  3. That sounds like such a fun weekend. I love the “kitchen helper” photos–too cute! Going out with your gals to see a musical sounds perfect–I really need to do a girls’ night soon too. My work doesn’t usually get “random” holidays off, but for some reason we’re off on President’s Day, so that was so nice. Yay for long weekends!

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