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#TBT Heartbreak Round Two

Well I’ve alluded to it in other TBT posts, you knew things weren’t going to end happily for young Beth and D.  Break out the Adele songs, time to talk breakups.

October 14th, 1996

D made a mistake tonight. He told me he might not want to go out with me all four years of high school. That’s all fine and good, but what does that mean? He’ll give me a month or two and then throw me out like used trash? I’m approaching him about it tomorrow, so let’s hope it goes well. Gotta go. <3 Me

October 15th, 1996

Everything is fine. He promised me we’ll go out for a long time, maybe go out with other people and then get back together before the end of high school. But I gotta go. Bye! <3 Me

October 16th, 1996

Well, we broke up. I was really hurt at first, but I think it’s time for a break. He just isn’t in it anymore. I told him he’ll always be a special friend. Maybe someday we’ll go out again.  But not now. <3 Me

October 18, 1996

Last night I talked to D for an hour and a half.  We talked about a ton of things, even agreed we’d probably go out again someday.  I swear we’re closer than ever even though we’re not together. But even though I still love him (and a part of me always will) I have a small list of guys to flirt with and get to know. (Then I listed five guys.  Boy crazy much?). Cool huh? And every one of them has a nickname (side note part two, JL if you’re reading, do you remember that??). But I’d better go. <3 Beth

So there you have it.  The whole thing was rather anti-climatic. I guess the actual event was more dramatic than that, I didn’t write all the details.  This time he had the guts to do it himself instead of having a friend call me. He wrote me a note and gave it to me as we were leaving musical rehearsal on the Wednesday before MEA break (he wasn’t stupid, he knew he wouldn’t have to see me for a few days). And I remember I was upset, I cried, I talked to multiple girlfriends on the phone about it, but at the same time I remember this sense of relief. If you look back over my old journal posts here you could tell I saw it coming. And here’s the thing that still makes me respect D and why I think we remained friends for awhile – he called me later that night to make sure I was ok. We didn’t talk long, but I think that speaks volumes that while he was kind of immature, he did actually care about me. Our relationship would be a bit complicated from here on out, we did stay friends for a long time, but we did never date again – and that was obviously for the best, because little did I know, the best was yet to come. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

Laura of One Girl, Two Cities is taking a break from TBT this week, she just started a new job and sadly lost her grandmother in the same week, keep her in your thoughts if you are so inclined.  And come back next week to see how my life progressed post boyfriend!

4 thoughts on “#TBT Heartbreak Round Two

  1. Awww… poor Beth! But you seem to have weathered the breakup well and it opened the door to future love. It’s so interesting to look back on our lives like this. I really enjoyed this series.

  2. Oh that D, what a heartbreaker! Clearly though it was the right move–it didn’t seem to take you too long to get over him. (Love that you listed 5 guys to flirt with… hilarious!) Can’t wait for the next installment in the saga of teenaged Beth! 🙂

  3. I totally remember like everyone had nicknames so if anyone were to find our notes they would never know who we were talking about! I’m trying to remember who all 5 guys were though…

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