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#TBT First Kiss

It’s time for #TBT.  Today’s post remembers some special times with D, though I see a little foreshadowing too.  I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s just dive in.

October 6, 1996

Oh my god. D was this close — to breaking up with me. Thank God he went to Jenni.  I also went to Jenni.  She was able to knock some sense into his head and he told me I don’t have to worry about losing him anytime soon. So everything is ok now. In fact, tomorrow, we don’t have school, so D and I are going to get together. I’ve decided tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. I’m going to kiss him.  I’m nervous and excited and scared all at the same time. I’ll write tomorrow and tell exactly what happens. Gotta go. <3 Always, Me.

October 7, 1996

Oh my God. I have had the most amazing day. It was so awesome. I went to D’s house. Saw his sweet baby nephew, talked with his mom. Saw his basement, including his room. We had a pillow fight, walked over to LaBelle Park, came back, talked some more, snuggled (yes SNUGGLED) on his couch.  Then he walked me all the way home because he wanted to say hi to my mom. Then I walked him back about three blocks . THEN I said how much fun I had today and we hugged and KISSED!!! I know for sure we’re definitely not losing each other for a long time. Yes! Perfect day. Simply perfect. I’m on cloud nine. Gotta go. Bye! <3 Me

October 11, 1996

Homecoming 96 comes to an awesome close. We won the game against Irondale! Yea! Then the dance was tons of fun. I hung out with Jenni, Jessica, D, C, and A. They played only one slow song – Twisted – but that was the best dance D and I have ever had together, we were really close, heads on each other’s shoulders. Then we kissed and hugged. Later he was sitting behind me while we were all talking and he gave me a shoulder rub (god bless him) and we shared some pop.  And I got a kiss goodbye too. I won’t see him all weekend now but oh well. Two kisses tonight! I’m so in love! And people got lots of good pictures and promised to get me doubles. Yea! Gotta go! <3 Me

I will say, Nate is the absolute love of my life (duh), but I remember these days pretty fondly.  You never forget your first kiss.  And even if things did not end well with D, I’m still glad that I had that first kiss with him.  And I love how kind of innocent and youthful I was about the whole thing. It was clearly a very big deal!  But, as I said, you can kind of already see the writing on the wall here; I am talking about how he was starting to have doubts about us.  I’ll leave things on a blissful note for this week, but spoiler alert, things are going to take a turn pretty quick for next week’s post!  Until then, make sure you check out Laura’s post over at One Girl, Two Cities!

3 thoughts on “#TBT First Kiss

  1. This is super sweet! I remember my first kiss very vividly, too. 🙂 And oh, the days of having to get doubles of pictures from people! No Facebook or twitter or Instagram to post and tag people for the world to see. It seems like so long ago, doesn’t it?

  2. Aww, your first kiss, so sweet! This is totally making me want to go try to find my old diaries, although I have NO idea where they are. It’s fun reliving those teenage years with these journals!

  3. OMG, B! Your first kiss? Jealous! Lol.

    Oh to be a teenager again!

    But to be honest I’d never want to be back there. Of course, I was 19 before my first kiss happened (and I still remember it like it was yesterday!) but that just meant every little detail – holding hands, touching hair, was INTENSE AND DRAMATIC. (Can you tell I hung out with a very conservative crowd?).

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