Currently in February

It’s my favorite link up of the month!  Time for Currently with Anne and Jenna.  I did something fun and made a little collage this month and I love how it turned out.  So here’s what’s currently happening in my world!

Currently February

Sending – Valentines!  I think Ollie would love the one with the bulldozer and it would be fun to print them out and have him color them!  I think he will be sending a few of these to his little friends this year!

Eating – Brunch!  I joined a brunch club and once a month they go to different restaurants around the area.  It’s so fun trying new places.  This month we went to the Grand Cafe in Minneapolis and I had this delightful dish called Eggs En Coquette.  It was very rich, but super delicious, reminded me almost of soup.

Dreaming – Of Summer! Or at the very least spring.  We got dumped on with snow last night and this morning and I’m really starting to miss those sunny and mild days where we can sit outside and have a bonfire when the sun goes down.  I know it will be here before we know it though.

Smelling – Of coconut.  I have super dry skin and tried this new stuff from Aveeno and it smells mildly of coconut, but I like it.  It’s making me more excited for my tropical vacation in a couple of months!

Hearting – My boys, as always, but I’m especially hearting Ollie’s love of music.  He loves to sing, especially The Wheels on the Bus (sometimes at the top of his lungs in the middle of a store, so fun), but the other day we were rearranging our basement and Nate set up a little mini set of his drums for Ollie and Ollie loved it.  He calls them his “bing, bang, booms.” Too freaking cute and I just heart him so!

So there you have it! February is a short month, even with an extra day, and it’s pretty packed for me, but it’s all fun things, but I think it’s going to fly by!  Don’t forget to check out Anne and Jenna’s blogs for other Currently posts or to add your own!

8 thoughts on “Currently in February

  1. Love to read what you are up to this month. I think it’s so cute and adorable how much Ollie loves music! That picture of him and Nate melts my heart!

  2. I LOVE the idea of a brunch club! My husband and I belong to a supper club. But going out for brunch without the cooking sounds like such fun! I am with you about dreaming of warmer weather. Spring can’t come soon enough!

  3. We got snow today… so yes, dreaming of Spring and Summer here too! It has been a fairly mild winter thus far and I should be grateful, but I can only handle C’s wistful “wee!” when she sees her swing set covered in snow.

  4. His “bing bang booms” adorable!! Our boys would really get along, Jona is constantly singing too. Oh and a brunch club?! That sounds AWESOME. I want to be in a brunch club! What a good idea on the Valentines too, to have Ollie color them and then give them out. So fun!!

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