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#TBT – Young Love, Part 2

Welcome to #TBT! When we last left off, an old boyfriend was considering asking me out again. What do you think happened next? Let’s dive right in and find out.

September 9, 1996
GUESS WHAT?? I’m back with D!! Yay!! I kind of wonder what E will think. Who cares? I’m excited that both Jenni and I have boyfriends at the same time. I’m just so happy! Anyway, I better go. See ya later! <3 Beth
PS – Going to Amber’s on Friday for her birthday party, should be fun!

September 10, 1996
D made me talk to his brother tonight on the phone. His brother asked a bunch of dumb questions. First he says “Who am I talking to?” and D goes “Beth” and his brother goes, “oh you’re the one D is talking about all of the time.” That made me feel really good. Young love 🙂 Anyway, I chose my French name today. It’s Angelique. Pretty huh? But I gotta go. School pictures tomorrow. Yay! Cya! <3 Me

September 15, 1996
Hey! D and I went for a walk today. How fun . J/K. I went to Jessica’s today too and talked to Sara and Jenni on the phone, so touched in with all my friends. This week I am very busy so I don’t know how much I’ll write. So I better go! <3 Beth

September 17, 1996
Hey! Life is so sweet! I talked to D on the phone for 2 hours tonight. I’ve really found something special in him. He is so good to me! I really am in love right now. Gotta go! <3 Beth

September 10, 1996
Life is still good! D, Amber and I are all going to be in the musical. Yay! I <3 D forever and that’s all I gotta say! I love him! <3 Beth

September 22, 1996
Hello! Still with D. Still happy. Tomorrow is our two week anniversary. Last time we barely made it that long. But this time is different because we’re in love. I love him so much I can’t imagine life without him. But I’d better go. Bye! <3 Beth

Oh man. Young love indeed. I find it hilarious that I even wrote “young love” in one of my entries. It’s almost like I knew how silly I sounded or something. I sure talked about loving him a lot. My wiser, older self looks back and I think I really cared for him, I really liked him, but I don’t know if I truly understood what love was quite yet. No matter what happened (obviously you know it won’t end happily since I’m married to someone else, no spoiler alert needed, ha) in the end, I do look back fondly on that time in my life. Next week I’ll share more of the happy memories before things take another turn. Be sure to check out Laura’s posts over at One Girl, Two Cities!

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  1. LOL – “This time it’s different because we’re in love.” That cracked me up! Ahh, young love! Can’t wait to see how the young lovers fare 🙂

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