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Stitch Fix #11

I just received my 11th Stitch Fix box. 11??? I guess I have a bit of an addiction now, yikes. I also hadn’t intended on this one coming so close to my last one – it was only a month ago, but I guess I didn’t read the calendar super well. Regardless, the box came and well, I loved it. I had a different stylist than Amanda again, but my new person did an amazing job – I requested some good layers for winter that could transition to spring. Here’s what was sent to me (sorry for the lack of good pics, I was on my own the night I tried these things on).

Zappo Printed Mixed Material Top – I have seen this top on other bloggers Stitch Fix reviews and kept thinking it would be nice to have, but I never thought ask for it. I was pretty thrilled when I saw it. The fit is great; the colors are so me and it’s going to be super fun to style it different ways. (Note the cute photo bomber too, I had a lot of help!)
Verdict: KEPT


Taylem Cargo Jacket – I will admit, when I saw the picture of this I went “um, nope.” I was even a little unsure when I saw it in person. But then I put it on and took pictures and went “um, yep.” The plaid detail on the sleeves – so cute! It’s lightweight but will still keep me warm in the office. It’s not a blazer, but it’s a little dressier than a sweater or sweatshirt. The styling ideas are endless. Verdict: KEPT


Mavi Sonja Boyfriend Jean – I tried a pair of boyfriend jeans from Stitch Fix this past Fall, but it was before I updated my sizing in my profile, so at that time, the pair they sent me were SO frumpy and awful. Stylist Kristin said she wanted to give me another pair to try though and that this pair should work better with my updated sizing. She was right. When I first pulled them on I worried they were a little tight, but they immediately relaxed and conformed to me like the jeans in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants or something. They were meant for my body. Verdict: KEPT


Darrel Roll Tab Embroidery Detail Knit Top – Ok, I own WAY too much cream. And also, these rolled tab sleeve shirts? I have a few too many of those at this point as well and end up UN-rolling the sleeves. I’m not sure I like the fit of this one, though it’s more comfortable than the picture shows. But here’s the thing – spoiler alert, I was on my way to keeping the entire box, so in order to get my discount, this shirt kind of had to stay. I’ll play around with styling it and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll swap it or try to sell it. Verdict: KEPT with reservations


Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan – Because of the color I pretty much knew that unless this looked like a tent when I put it on, that I would be keeping this sweater. And oh hey, put it with the jeans and the Zappo top and guess what? Instant outfit. It was seriously a no-brainer. Ollie knew that was the case too and immediately stole this from me and started playing “Where’s Ollie” with it by hiding under it like it was his bath towel. Verdict: KEPT


I KEPT THE ENTIRE BOX again. I’m both ecstatic and kind of ashamed, I need to start budgeting better, but I also realized, I am not running to the thrift store once a week anymore, I barely hit the clearance rack at Target these days, and if I do a better job of spreading these out than I did this last time, a couple of boxes a year are not the worst thing ever. And I loved having Amanda style me, but Kristin seems to get my vibe as well. I’m going to give my wallet a little break and am considering scheduling a fix the week before my vacation, one or two new things for that trip would be nice. And then probably no more fixes until next Fall. But that could be famous last words, you never know.

What do you think? Did I make a good call on these things?

8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #11

  1. Alright, be prepared for an enslaught of comments from me. Life got away from me 🙂 I love that cream top. I need more longer sleeved tops with interesting details.

  2. Wow, your stylist did an awesome job–you got so many things that are just perfect for you! I love that cardigan and that first shirt, and those jeans are great on you! I like the cream shirt, but I totally know what you mean about the roll-tab sleeves.. those kind of drive me crazy when I’m wearing them. I’m so excited, I have a fix coming to me next month, yay! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I was pretty excited about it, even if I probably should have waited a bit to get another box! I’m excited to see what you get this next time!

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