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What I Wore Wednesday

Winter has arrived with a vengeance in Minnesota.  She might be late, but now that she’s here, she’s showing us who is boss.  This means I’ve been wearing lots of layers and scarves and boots and warm things.  I thought I’d share a few of my latest looks for fun today.

This first one is from the January Prompt and Pin challenge I’m following on Instagram.  The theme that day was baubles, so I chose a look and showed off a necklace from my latest Rocksbox.

This next one I had some fun pattern mixing with my plaid Stitch Fix scarf, a striped top and tiny floral print pants.


I loved how this next look turned out, again from the January Prompt and Pin challenge, the theme was to belt a sweater.  I forget how a belt can really add shape to an outfit!


And this last look was all me, decided a warm sweater, thick scarf and plaid pants with fake sherpa boots was a good choice on a day that was below zero outside!  I was so warm and comfy!!


I will say, while I don’t necessarily love cold weather, I do love wearing scarves, sweaters and boots, so having an excuse to do so isn’t a bad thing in my book!  Is it cold where you are?  What is your favorite cold weather look?

7 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. I love all these looks Beth! You look cozy and warm, but still so cute. My favorite is the one with the plaid scarf and yellow cardigan–I want to steal that one!

  2. I too rediscovered today that belts + knits = LOVE! After wearing super simple clothing for so long, I’m trying to force myself to add a couple details, whether it’s bright glasses and fun socks, or belts and scarves, to outfits I think are “finished” is really kicking it up a notch. Which is good, since one of the new guys at work was telling me that everyone had said I was the “Stylish one” in the office when he started. Feelin’ the pressure.

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