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A little getaway

Nate and I were lucky enough to go on a spur of the moment mini-getaway this last weekend.  We stayed at a delightful B&B in Red Wing, MN while Nate’s parents were kind enough to watch Ollie for the night. It was so great to get away and connect just the two of us after all of the craziness of birthdays and holidays.  We also used it as kind of our one year check in meeting for our Traction stuff.  If you missed it, I blogged about how we kind of run our household (especially when it comes to planning and finance) back in October (you can find that post here).  It’s recommended in the Traction program that once a year you go on a bit of a retreat to do review your goals and do sort of a yearly planning.  So we figured this was perfect timing for that as well.

The B&B (Pratt Taber Inn) was wonderful.  The owners were warm and friendly and very accommodating.  The house had four rooms on the upper level and we were lucky enough to have one that was furthest back in the house, so it was a bit more private and quiet.  There was a wonderful sitting room with couches and chairs and a shelf full of games and we took advantage of that spot quite a bit.  Our room had a cute electronic fireplace and the best part, a huge claw foot bathtub that I definitely enjoyed using at the end of the day.  The owner also had the sweetest ragdoll cat – he was quite large, but a gentle giant, who would wander around and sit by our feet.

Saturday evening we walked over to town, it was very cold, but was less than a five minute walk from where we were staying.  We at dinner at a cute restaurant called the Staghead that had kind of upscale bar food and a huge tap list.  We returned to our room and discovered the owner had baked some brownies.  Earlier in the evening they also hosted a little meet and greet with the other couples and had put out light snacks and wine.

In the morning they provided coffee that I happily enjoyed in bed and then we went downstairs to eat, they served us homemade french toast with fruit and fresh whipped cream and bacon.  After that we pretty much packed up to come back home.  One night away from my boy is about all I can handle!

It really was just a perfect little weekend though, we definitely talked through our goals and future plans and have kind of a road map for what we want to accomplish this year.  But we also were able to just talk with each other and enjoy some quality time as well.  We played some cribbage and we both got some reading in too.  It was just very needed and I’m so glad we took the time to go do it!

If you’re local, I highly recommend the Pratt Taber Inn in Red Wing.  If you go, tell Deb I say hello!

5 thoughts on “A little getaway

  1. Every year Patrick and I go away for the weekend for our birthdays (we are 8 days apart in bdays) and it is always the best. Glad you were able to get away and even make it productive!

  2. That sounds so wonderful, especially after the busy end of the year you had with birthdays and everything. While it’s not exactly a getaway, I’m looking forward to a night out with my husband and our good friends this weekend, with overnight babysitting thanks to grandparents 🙂 We may go for brunch in the morning too, yay for that!

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