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#TBT – Summer Days

I’m back at it with my Throwback Thursday Journal posts!  I’m sure you’ve missed these dramatic teenage ramblings over the holidays.  Today I decided to dive into the summer between 8th and 9th grade. Definitely some silly girly stuff and we end with a bit of drama – gasp!

June 11, 1996
Summer couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m enjoying every moment of vacation. It’s only been 5 days too! Only sad part is missing E so much. I’ve totally fallen for him again. I’m hoping I’ll see him at the Heights Jamboree and God knows where else. It’ll be one hell of a summer. I know that for a fact. <3 Beth

July 12, 1996
Hey! I just got home from babysitting. Very exhausting. But I’m home. Soccer is finally over, time to really enjoy summer! D comes home on Sunday from camp. Anyway, I gotta go. See you later. <3 Me

July 22, 1996
How’s this for wild?? I sent E’s card in the mail on Saturday so he’d get it today. Then we ran into his mom and brother at Target! AND HE WAS THERE TOO! He was on the other side of the aisle trying to tease his brother and figure out what he was buying him for a birthday gift. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. BUT HE WAS 5 FEET AWAY! I <3 Him! <3 Beth

August 9, 1996
Tomorrow and Sunday are the Fun Fest. I’m realizing I only have a few good friends left these days which is kind of sad. I have a few goals for high school to make it a success and me a better person.
1. Make a new friend or two
2. Go out with E (please God!)
3. Bring math grade up to at least an A minus
4. Get a part in the play
5. Join pep band, yearbook, French club and Newspaper staff
6. Be friendly, perky and optimistic
I think those are all do-able. In five days the “big hello” will take place. I get to see E at Band Camp. I plan to say hey and ask how his summer is going and stuff. I’m so pissed at D. Yesterday he made A call me and long story short D let A READ MY POEMS! They also hung up on me. Jerks. So I’m refusing to call D or talk to him. He can call me if he wants to talk to me and if he does he damn well better apologize. He broke my trust. But I better go. This entry is getting long. Cya L8ter. <3 Always, Beth

Scandal!  Did I ever make up with D?  Did I talk to E at Band Camp?  Is this starting to sound like the children’s book Chica Chica Boom Boom with all this letter talk?  Tune in next week to see what happens next.  I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats!  If you can’t wait that long, head over to my buddy Laura’s blog at One Girl, Two Cities for some more 90’s journal fun!

5 thoughts on “#TBT – Summer Days

  1. Hahaha, these are so great! I really love your goals for high school. Being perky, friendly and optimistic are excellent attributes to strive for. 🙂 Happy to be reading these again!!

  2. LOL, the drama!! That D was such a jerk! Can’t wait to hear what unfolds with E. 🙂 Did you make your high school goals happen?

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