Currently in December

It’s the last “Currently” link up for 2015 already! How has the year flown by so fast? It’s one of the busiest months of the year!  Here is a look at what is Currently happening in my world! ~Currently I am~ Wishing – It’s so cheesy, but I seriously have everything I could wish for. […]


Birthday Thoughts

Hey, hey it’s my birthday! It’s so hard to believe another year has flown by. Without really doing a crazy wrap up of my 33rd year on this Earth (rather save a recap for an end of 2015 post) I can honestly say, it’s been a wild and crazy ride this past year. So many […]

Beth Reviews

A Fresh Start

Well lookie here – you go away for the weekend and you come back and I have an entire new blog look!  I know, you’re all probably going, wait a minute Beth, you JUST launched a new blog and look in August – what are you doing to us? Unfollow! Here’s the truth.  I rushed […]