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#TBT – More Boy Craziness

In the interest of “moving my story forward” so to speak, I’m going to move away from the journal I kept for English class and back into my personal one and kind of wrap up my 8th grade year a bit here.  I promise you aren’t missing much from the rest of my English journal, I came down with a virus and whined about that a bit and kind of went into friend drama a little and that was pretty much it. So, instead we’ll dive right into the end of middle school – it’s a lot of boy crazy stuff again, cause let’s face it, it was a teenage girl!

Sun, May 5, 1996
I know it’s foolish but I’m falling for E again. I don’t care what everyone thinks. This time I will get him. So there. <3 Me

Mon, May 20, 1996
Big problem. D and Amber broke up and now he wants to go back out with – ME. I kind of want to but am not sure! Help! Gotta go. <3 Beth

Sun, May 26, 1996
I went on a date today…sort of…met D at Taco Bell and then we walked over to McKenna Park and hung out. We’re not going out yet but it was so cool. Then mom and dad and I went shopping and I got a new outfit and a cute sweatshirt. Good day today! <3 Always Beth

Monday, June 3, 1996
D and I decided we can only be good friends. It broke my heart but I got wayyy over it. Now I’m definitely back after E. Jenni’s going to get him to my locker so he can sign my yearbook and I can make peace with him too. Well gotta go. <3 Me

Wed, June 6, 1996
Today was awesome! I asked E to sign my yearbook and he had me sign his! We’re back to being friends at least! Yes! More tomorrow or soon. <3 Me

Friday, June 8, 1996
Ok here’s the whole story in detail. You know how Jenni promised to get E to my locker by Wed. Well it took until Wed for it to happen. She was telling him I needed to talk to him, I wanted him to sign my yearbook. He told her he’d stop by my locker. So at the end of the day I wait at my locker. Pretty soon he comes down the hall but he can’t see me, so I just go over and hit him in the back with my yearbook and go “here.” So he hands me his. I start to explain myself and apologize for being such a dork over the last couple of years. We talked about Valleyfair and then I had to go meet Student Council at Denny’s for our end of the year party. But we are friends now. He wrote a really nice yearbook message too. So I was very very happy! Anyway I’m ON VACATION! I’m a 9th grader! A freshman! Wow. Our grades have word names. I think it’s going to be a good summer. See ya! <3 Beth

I should probably explain, I had a bit of a goofy crush on “E” for most of middle school, but I couldn’t get up the nerve to actually talk to him much.  We went to elementary school together and were even friends back in those days but after I had a crush on him things got weird.  I’d send him notes but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him out of some silly fear I’m sure.  He won’t be that important to the story for a whole lot longer though!

This is my last TBT for the year, I’m going to take the next couple of weeks off for the holidays.  I will be back the first week of January though with more of the Days of Our Lives Teenage style!  Make sure you visit Laura at One Girl, Two Cities for her TBT post too!

7 thoughts on “#TBT – More Boy Craziness

  1. OMG, “our grades have word names” hahaha, I think that’s one of my favorite lines ever!! And I love that you go from liking E to considering going out with D. We were so alike, I just love it. And at my Mortified audition, we talked about how funny it was that we always got our friends to do things for us since we were too silly to do things like talk to boys ourselves. I’m going to miss reading these the next few weeks! <3

  2. I love reading these posts! I’m going to miss them the next couple weeks. It’s like I’m getting to know 14 year old Beth before we were friends and I’m loving it!

  3. I find it inexplicably amusing to listen to the thoughts of a teenage girl. It’s like the movie “Inside Out” where you get to hear what’s going on in her head. Have a wonderful holiday, Beth!

  4. Gotta love those Taco Bell dates, hehe 🙂 And “our grades have word names”– that cracked me up! Loved reading these Beth, they were always so entertaining!

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