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Arts and Ales – Wreath Making

There’s a local event company here in Minnesota called Get Knit – their goal is to plan activities that they work to “knit” people together with local businesses and organizations.  They have wine tours, brewery tours and a series they call “Arts and Ales” which involves some sort of craft night at a local brewery.  This fall they did a succulent making event but it sold out before I had a chance to go to one.  For the holidays they were offering a series on wreath making, so Jen and I decided we had to go and were lucky to get spots!

The wreath making was held at Indeed Brewing Company in Northeast Minneapolis.  They have their own event space now that is separate from the taproom, but has it’s own set of taps for everyone to enjoy.  We got one free beer plus dinner.  The evening started out with kind of a social hour, we had a chance to eat our food, drink our brew and get acclimated to the space. After that, they had two experts explain what we were going to do to make our wreaths, we were given the materials needed to get started and were set loose to create!


You start with a round frame and then you cut wire and pieces of pine branches to weave into the frame. You kind of work around the frame in either a clockwise or counter clockwise motion, layering the pine so that you completely cover the frame.  Once you’ve been around once you can decided to go back around and fill in with more pine or you can start adding embellishments.


They showed us how to tie bows with the kind of ribbon that has wire in it so it forms nicely.  I chose a white sparkle ribbon for my bow.  After that I decided to add some pine cones and Christmas bulbs.  For those, you hot glue them to wire and then weave it into the wreath.  I didn’t do too much with that as the hot glue got a little tricky to work with after awhile!  Both Jen and I are pretty sure we burned ourselves on the hot glue! I never said I was good at making crafts!


They also had some tall red sparkle wire type material, so I stuck some of that in my wreath as well.  I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!  It really was fun to make, definitely not easy, and while I don’t have allergies, I have to say, being around THAT much pine even made my nose and eyes water after a little while!


Overall it was a fun evening, I enjoyed the food, the beer and the company and there is just something so satisfying about making something yourself!  I’m pretty proud of my wreath, we hung it on our railing at home and I think it looks pretty darn cute! I’d definitely consider doing another Arts and Ales event!

(Get Knit is not compensating this post, this review is because I enjoyed my experience)

4 thoughts on “Arts and Ales – Wreath Making

  1. I love it!! That was a great description of the event. I wouldn’t mind going to this next year if they have it. I might have to check it out.

  2. I had never heard of Get Knit before but I am super excited to check out their future events – they look fun! Both of your wreaths turned out so cute and professional looking.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to make a wreath and I’m pretty impressed with how yours turned out. DIY success!! 🙂

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