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#TBT – Boring Days

I’m back to Thursdays for my kicking it old school and sharing old journal posts.  These made me chuckle a bit, so I’ll just dive right in. These posts are from those “days off I desperately needed” in the post I shared last week.

April 5th, 1996

Hi! Tonight I have to sing at the Good Friday service.  I went and hung out at Jessica’s today.  Not much is new.  Maybe something exciting will happen tonight or tomorrow. Yeah right. Oh well. Gotta go. <3 Me

April 6, 1996

WHY IS MY LIFE SO BORING? (My teacher made the comment on this “Everyone’s is at some point.”) Sorry but I had a really boring day. Well ok it wasn’t all boring.  I went birthday present shopping for mom, then went on a walk with mom and watched some TV. But other than that it was a boring day. Yawwwwn. <3 Me

April 7, 1996

Hi! Today was Easter and Mom’s Birthday. It was a nice relaxing day. Grandma came over for dinner.  At church this morning I almost died. We have to wear choir robes. Hideous, disgusting choir robes and in walks A!!! I’ll never hear the end of this I’m sure. Well gotta go, Sara’s on the phone. <3 Me

April 8, 1996

Not much new. Boring day. Thank god for break. <3 Me

April 9, 1996

Went back to my old elementary school today.  It was cool but felt weird being back there. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a kid. But most of the time I don’t. Well I have to turn this journal in again tomorrow.  I really like writing in this and writing everyday even if it’s boring though. Gotta go!  See ya! <3 Beth

I love how after complaining for so many days about needing days off I ended up complaining about how bored I was!  That is just too funny.  Seriously the life of a 14 year old, right?  Hopefully I didn’t bore you all to tears!  Make sure to check out Laura’s post over at One Girl, Two Cities.  I also know that she enjoys my old “art” so I’m including a lovely picture of a bunny I put on the Easter post.  It’s no “good cat drawing”, that’s for sure!


9 thoughts on “#TBT – Boring Days

  1. It’s definitely no cat drawing, but it’s cute nonetheless. 😉 And at least you still liked writing even when things were boring. I’ve been thinking about that lately and how it’s kind of funny that we kept journals and now we’re bloggers, so it’s not too different from what we used to do. It’s like we were bloggers in the making. 🙂

  2. I love it! That’s so funny about saying you really needed time off and then saying you were bored with the time off. I also love the bunny drawing – super cute! I also thought it was neat that back then you used to do your i’s with a circle instead of a dot.

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