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What I Wore Wednesday

I miss sharing outfit posts here as often, I’ve been posting my outfits on my Instagram daily though. I thought I’d share a few here for fun, I’ve adapted well to my new casual work environment I think! Here are some favorites from the last few weeks.


This sweater from my last Stitch Fix box is seriously my favorite ever.  It’s warm and cozy and soft and it is a great neutral color that goes with everything.  And it has elbow patches.  I paired it with my fun plaid pixie pants from Old Navy after seeing them together in my laundry basket. I make a lot of outfits that way, truth.


The gals that do Pinned It, Spinned It on Instagram chose some fun looks for December, so I’ve been enjoying playing along with them this month.  This look is a really spinned pin that I absolutely loved in the end, at first I wasn’t sure of it, but then I decided I loved it. And can we talk about these boots? I got them at the garage sale I participated in back in May and I want to live in them forever. They’re warm, comfy and because of the fun colored tops, go with a ton of things. (And they’re by Coach too and while I’m not all about the brand names anymore, I sure love that I got Coach boots at a garage sale for next to nothing!)


This last look got me a ton of compliments the day I wore it.  I do have wine colored pants like the outfit in the pin, but I hadn’t washed them so I ended up swapping in my brighter pink ones instead.  Nate did say I kind of looked a little like Kimmy Schmidt but overall I didn’t care, I liked the result – I never would have thought to put all these things together on my own!

So there you have it, a little sneak peek into what I’ve been wearing lately if you haven’t been following my Instagram.  My uniform these days is pretty much colored pants, shirt and sweater with boots!  And you know something?  I really like it!

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  1. I love seeing your style posts on IG so I’m glad you shared these here too! Love all 3 of these looks, especially the last one. Such a fun color combo!

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