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Flashback Friday – Boy Crazy

As promised, I am not leaving out my TBT another week, I’m here again with a Flashback Friday instead. I have been asked if I plan on sharing journal entries into high school and when I got together with Nate – that’s my eventual goal, though I won’t probably share much after that point, one big reason being, I stopped journaling as much after I was in high school! But, we’ve got a long way to go before we get to that point, so let’s go back to 1996 and 8th grade and some more of the journal I kept for English class today.

March 31st, 1996
Hello! I have been busy this weekend. I went to the mall with Jenni, but then went back later with Sara to get hair spray for the teachers for the food drive assembly with student council. And now I just got off the phone with D. It turns out he does like Amber. In fact, he let me go because she called on the other line. I have to admit that even though I don’t like him anymore it stung. And after Amber dumps Jay, he’s probably going to ask her out. And he told me he’d stay single the rest of the year. So I guess I’m kind of mad at him, but I’ll have to make a move towards M. I’ve gotta get a point across to him before the dance. Anyway, my week is so busy it’s not even funny. I’m getting my new flute this week too. I really need these four days off of school coming up. A nice 6 day weekend. Ahhhh. Gotta go.

April 1st, 1996
Hi. Well I’ve decided I don’t think I really like M. But the important thing about my temporary crush on him was it helped me get over D. Yay me! Went to the orthodontist today so of course my mouth hurts. Boo. Life Sucks.

April 2, 1996
Ok, yesterday I was in a bad mood. Life does not suck. I’ve decided its ok not to like anyone for a while. Maybe. I kind of have a little crush on J again, but that didn’t end well last time. Oh well, 1 more day of school and then some wonderful days off! Yes! I cannot wait. Well I better go, bye!

April 3, 1996
Hi! I’m bummed, Jenni’s grounded and can’t talk on the phone, so I can’t talk to her until we go back to school on Wednesday. And Sara’s going to be gone all weekend. I’m so bored! So anyway, I’ve decided on a few guys that I think are halfway decent and that I would go out with if they asked me. Here they are in random order. (Note from me, I’m leaving this part out, but I made a list of 8 guys. No joke. And it included the four guys I’ve already mentioned in these flashback posts) Enough about my love life! I’m finally getting these days off! I’ve really needed the break. I’ve been so stressed out lately. Now I can sit back and go ahhhhh….Fortunately my mouth is better too, so I’m happy. Otherwise nothing is new. Well I better go. Bye!

Oh man, reading these I’m just laughing so hard. Boy crazy much? Even though I kept saying, well maybe I don’t need to like anyone right now, I just kept talking about boys! And I actually put little notes to my teacher in my journal that said “you can read this Mrs J, but don’t tell anyone what I said”. She wrote cute little notes back and on my list of guys said “Quite a list!” And wow, I sure needed some days off, apparently 14 is a really stressful time. I mean it’s not like I had bills to pay or a job to go to or a child that needed attention, but I guess balancing all these crushes and friends and mouth issues were really hard work!

Next week I’ll jump back into my regular journal again and try and speed up the story a bit, there is so much more to come involving “D” and I’ll just leave it at that! I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget to check out Laura’s TBT post from yesterday over at One Girl, Two Cities!

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Boy Crazy

  1. This is hilarious! In a good way, of course. Hearing the thoughts of a young person is inherently funny — their perspective is so honest and naïve. I enjoyed reading this a lot. Thanks for sharing, Beth

  2. These are just the best! I love how you said “it’s okay to not like anyone right now” and then kept talking about boys, that’s hilarious. And something I so would have done. I was so boy crazy then! 🙂

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